So y'all, let's be real, it is hard juggling classes, work, and everything else in college. It has been hard for me recently to juggle going to the gym on my campus. But I am hoping to do more at my gym soon, certainly with Halloween and other holidays coming up.

What I usually will do every week though is tell myself when I will be heading to the gym. But how I could do this better is writing down what days I'm actually planning on going so that I can remember when I'm going and maybe even what time I am planning on going. I think we as college students need to write down what we are doing so that our brains remember the important activities we have planned for the day.

I will usually have songs already picked out before I go to the gym, but sometimes I do need to go with the flow and not plan out every single song I want to play while I'm working out. Now its okay for us as college students to have a genre in mind when we step foot in that gym, but we need to let the musical magic happen and hit shuffle.

Another thing I tend to do is not fill up on water as often as I should like I bring my original water bottle but I don't drink it all the way usually. So my plan is to remind myself to finish the one I bring close to the end of my workout and even fill up another one on my way out. As college students, we need to drink more water, so if we remind ourselves of this and some of the other things that I have mentioned that we will be #flawless at the gym.