You've seen the tweets. Heck - you've probably written the tweets. I have. "I can't wait to get home for break - I need out of this town!" followed closely by "Can't wait to be back in {insert college town}" a few days into the break.

Why? Why can't we enjoy both? Why is college a state of constant limbo between home and school? Why aren't we content where we are?

It's because we don't allow ourselves to be content in the moment. We focus ourselves solely on the future and seek more even when we don't have to. We compare ourselves to others, feel behind, and feel an urge to always be moving. We're scared that we're missing something. Newsflash! We are missing something, we are missing everything.

What do we miss when we're wishing to be somewhere else?

1. We miss adventures.

Do you really wanna miss late night taco runs, drive-through safaris, and some of the funniest stories of your life?

2. We miss out on incredible people.

While you're daydreaming about the next holiday break, your future bridesmaid may have just walked by.

3. We miss the beauty of the world around us.

Imagine missing the great College Station Blizzard of 2k17 or cotton candy sunsets for absolutely no reason at all?

4. We miss the little moments.

Don't miss cuddle time with your dogs, morning chats with your roommate, or the absolutely silly jokes you come up with at Whataburger each Monday night.

5. We miss our whole lives.

That's too high of a cost for a little nostalgia. When we're eighty-five and looking back at this time, we won't want to remember how desperately we wanted to be somewhere else. We'll want to remember how incredible the life we got to live really was.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your life while it's happening, wherever that is right now!