What College Students Really Want For Christmas

"What do you want for Christmas?" is a tough question to answer when you're in college. Gone are the days when you could list off a bunch of toys you saw commercials for on TV, and you can't seem to think of anything you "need" that's worth asking for. In fact, the things you really want aren't exactly items you would put on a traditional Christmas list. Here's what your Christmas list would look like if you asked for everything you ACTUALLY want...

1. Money.

The only thing you really need is money. You need money to pay for food, pay rent, and to start paying off those student loans. When you're a broke college student, this is the first and sometimes only thing you want to ask for during the holidays.

2. A sense of motivation.

A strong sense of motivation is hard to come by when you're constantly being weighed down by papers and exams. If you had it your way, you'd be unwrapping a nice, big streak of motivation and success this Christmas.

3. Socks.

You can never have enough socks. And, uh, most of your socks got lost in the dryer.

4. A regular sleeping pattern.

Because let's face it -- you've pulled one too many all-nighters, and you rely on way too many naps to get you through the day.

5. Food.

Need I say more?

6. Home-cooked meals.

Enough with the frozen pizzas, cereal, and ramen noodles. You want real, homemade food, preferably cooked by your mom.

7. A job.

Please refer to #1.

8. An endless source of caffeine.

For the days when a couple cups of coffee just isn't enough, and you find yourself wishing you had an IV bag that could deliver caffeine directly into your body.

9. A nice, long nap.

Because you're mentally and physically exhausted all. the. time. Just once, you would love to lay down, fall fast asleep, and not have to worry about what time you need to wake up.

10. A to-do list where everything is crossed off, has been completed to the best of your ability, and in a timely manner.

As opposed to your current to-do list, which is ever-growing and definitely isn't even close to completed.

11. Puppies.

All breeds. All sizes. All degrees of fluffiness.

12. Passing grades in all your classes.

Because just once, you'd like to keep a high GPA without having to work for it.

13. Money. (Again.)

Seriously. Just give us money. That's all we want.

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