Not every day of college is perfect

Not Everyday of College is Instagramable

Life can throw you some curve balls, especially student life. If you ever feel like you're the only one not living your best life, don't worry, you're normal.

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I'm a junior in college. This is my third year, and everything is pretty routine at this point. I'm used to my apartment, my college town, my campus, and the people around me. Despite having a bubble I know pretty well, some days just aren't very pretty.

On days like this, I find it easy to be sucked into social media and scroll through comparing myself to everyone else. Sometimes I'm even jealous of past me. Always smiling, living carelessly, spending everyday like it's the weekend, but not everyday of college is going to be "Instagrammable."

I've had days where I totally missed an assignment even after I wrote it down in my planner. I've had the days where your six page paper gets deleted off your computer the night before it's due, and where you retype it through tears, even though you know you can't remember it all. I've had the days where friends cancelled plans last minute, or even left me out of them. I've had days where my anxiety showed up even though I thought I moved passed it over two years ago. I've had weeks of the same cold that keeps me up all night coughing. I've had months of financial worry, feeling like I'm scraping by and not wanting to be more of burden and ask for help.

The truth is, we've all had these days. These are the days nobody posts about. These are the days you have the day before football game group pics, and that post you captioned "darty szn." These are the days your roommate is having while you're out ice skating in Rosa Parks circle. This is the day your friend is having watching your snapchat stories in bed alone because nobody made plans with her.

Everybody is having those days, the ones that suck so much all you want is to hug your mom. But it's okay. It's so okay, and normal, and you're going to be fine. College is tough, and it's tough for every single kid stuck at a desk next to you in a Monday 8 AM.

What you can do is reach out. Be extra sweet to your sick roomie, offer to give them rides to class or show up with soup. When you make plans, make room for the friend who's always texting you first, she could use some girl time. Never be afraid to ask for help, because chances are someone cares, even if all they can do is talk with you. And lastly, just skip Instagram. Before you know it the sun will be shining, and you'll be the one posting the perfect #schoolgrind picture.

Hang in there, you got this. :)

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