As Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks near, students are on the verge of their patience level when it comes to going to class and finishing final papers and projects. Teachers are assigning all of the work they seem to have been building up for the entire semester and we are all using the absences that we have been saving up to skip class. As this time of the year rolls around each semester, we all have some pretty similar thoughts.

1. Do these professors think their class is the only class I am taking?

2. I wonder if they will raise my F- to an A.

3. Can I really afford to take a nap right now?

4. I'll do it anyway.

5. I've never seen so little people in a class before.

6. Can I color a christmas tree on my final scantron and get a grade for it?

7. I seriously cannot wait to go home and eat real food.

8. Well at least they will have puppies in the library.

9. Is it break yet?

10. How do I make $20 worth of meal plan money last me three weeks?

11. I wonder if I can make it till break without doing laundry.

12. Thank goodness this class is almost over.

13. Good thing I saved up all of my absences because I have zero motivation right now.

Happy (almost) break, y'all.