Dear, College Roommate:
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Dear, College Roommate:

You're the best friend I've ever had.

Dear, College Roommate:
Brianna Gavin

Seventh grade clearly wasn't the greatest look for us, but this picture marked the very beginning of our picture taking spree, something we still do to this day and probably will do forever. I can tell you one thing for sure and that is that there is nothing I miss more this summer than waking up and hearing you yell at me to press snooze. There’s nothing I miss more than coming back in the middle of the day to see you taking ANOTHER nap or reading ANOTHER book. There’s nothing I miss more than you.

You’re my best friend from high school and we both thought that this would be a good experience, but I don’t think we knew how amazing it would really be. For the entire year, you were the one person that stayed a part of my life and never left. We went from best friends to sisters within a matter of months. You are forever a part of my soul.

One thing is for certain and that is that I never could’ve taken on college without you. Without your encouraging sticky notes on my desk or texts during the day, I never would’ve lasted in college. Every day I had you, no matter how rude I was or undeserving of your love I was, you stayed when so many other people left.

Danielle, you are one of the greatest reasons why I am still breathing. Going to sleep every single night after you telling me you loved me gave me the strength to wake up the next morning. So many nights I would be overcome with depression, self-harm, or other issues and everything seemed okay as soon as you walked in the room and hugged me after showing me videos on your Instagram.

I've told you this once before, but I know that there is a reason that God brought us into each other's lives. You were born just one month before me and I have the strong belief that God had you in mind when he made me. God knew that when we met each other, we'd never know life again without each other.

YOU showed me that even broken pieces of my soul fit together, and even when it seemed like they wouldn’t, you held them together anyway. YOU showed me that despite my brokenness, I was still worthy of being loved. YOU showed me that I was worth the breath I took. YOU saved me.

I will never forget the times we stayed up talking WAY too late about our lives and then had to get up for our 8 o'clock classes the next morning. I will never forget our daily lunch dates, our graduation party we had two months late (lol), writing sticky notes to each other, when the hook made a hole in the wall and you literally cried, watching movies, taking naps in the middle of the day, staying in OMA until late at night, and so much more.

Thank you for never leaving my side and for becoming the greatest sister I could’ve ever asked for. I can’t wait to be your roommate for the remainder of our college adventures. I can’t wait until my babies call you Aunt Dani and you wear my maid of honor dress in my wedding. I can’t wait to grow old with a best friend like you by my side.

I love you biiiiiiitch. I ain’t eva gonna stop loving you biiiiiiiitch.

For eva eva? For eva eva.


Peanut Butter

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