There are many crazy and funny moments that happen during college. Making friends, networking with possible future employers, and developing new relationships is part of the experience at any university. There is no doubt the journey to finding love is exciting, stressful, and fun. Here are 10 moments when characters in romantic comedies perfectly described college relationships.

1. When asked if you want to go with a friend to an event that you do not like

At some point during your time at college, you will be invited to a party, recreational activity, or university event by a classmate or close friend. Although they are interested in wanting to hang out, the feelings that you have (depending on how you feel about the person or the location of the activity) might not be the same. If you do not feel comfortable or interested in spending time with this person, do not act like mean girls, and just politely decline.

2. That moment when you cannot understand how a girl really feels about you

It is simple for girls to have conversations with each other since they seem more comfortable sharing their emotions and secrets with other girls. However, when a guy is talking with a girl, it is more difficult trying to comprehend how they really feel. While girls are beautiful inside and out, smart, talented, and hardworking, they are also hard to understand at times. Asking questions (nothing too personal) and sharing memories that made you happy, upset, and scared are the best ways to get to know a girl. Revealing the ugly truth and developing a connection might lead to a long-term relationship.

3. When you go on a date to a new restaurant and you are asked how the food is

It is difficult being honest when it comes to going someplace for the first time, especially for a date. Whether it is a restaurant, movie, or another event, you will usually pretend that everything is good so you do not upset the person that is with you (unless everything was amazing) and continue with the conversation. This might look like a friendship, but it could be love actually, and having funny or awkward moments is part of building a strong relationship.

4. When you meet a girl for the first time and tell her a story, joke, or pick up line

Approaching a girl can be stressful at first because you do not want to say or do something embarrassing. Since making a girl laugh is a key factor, this will make guys want to impress her with a story, joke, or pick up line (be careful with that one) to get a smile or chuckle. While learning about the tips and advice in order to win a girl's attention and heart is a result of crazy, stupid, love (being yourself is also a good option), having meaningful conversations and finding similar interests is one of the best ways to develop a connection with a girl.

5. The moment when you really like someone but they only see you as a friend

While hanging out with or speaking with a person that you like spending your time with (and want to further your relationship with), it is possible that you might get put in the terrifying friendzone. In order get out of this place, it will require impressing her with your intelligence and personality. Being motivated, acting positive, and treating the other person with respect might cause her to see you as more than just a friend. Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to express how you feel via a card or gift (do not just use text or emojis) and let them know you want to spend the holiday with them. If things go well, start looking for a place to go on dates.

6. When you are talking to your crush and finally admit your feelings for them

There will be a time during a friendship where you will admit to your crush the feelings that you have. After hanging out with them for a while (going to movies or events on campus), this is something that will be brought up at some point. The reaction that you will get in response will be different. This all depends on how you treated each other as friends and whether or not you showed interest in the other person. Either the relationship will go off without a hitch or you will experience some problems, but it does not hurt to try anyway.

7. That feeling when you get when your crush sends you a text message

College students are always connecting with each other on social media. They try finding their friends on Facebook and keeping track of each other's lives via Instagram or Snapchat. However, getting a message response from someone you really like is a blessing. While getting their phone number, planning dates, and maintaining a relationship is no easy A, this is a challenge that you might consider not giving up on.

8. Realizing you made plans to have lunch but you both cannot decide where

After making plans to have lunch with your crush, there is a problem that might occur when seeing them in person, minutes or an hour after sending a text to confirm. If you are on campus and then decide to meet them at a certain location before heading somewhere to eat, one of the things you might stress over is choosing where to go. Try to understand each other's interests and needs before coming to a reasonable solution (also remember to write them down in a notebook or reminder in your phone) because learning to overcome disagreements is part of strengthening a possible relationship.

9. The moment when you find out that your crush likes animals

After having a long and meaningful conversation with someone who you want to know more about and discovering that they also love animals (does not matter which type), then this is certainly some good news. In some relationships, potential significant others must love dogs or cats, but it is not mandatory. This is a great subject to discuss because if you have a pet you can talk about their names, the breed, and fun facts about them. If there is a park in the area, perhaps you can bring your dogs there. Not only are animals cute, but they could also play a role in jump-starting a relationship.

10. When you find out that someone you like is not ready for a new relationship

You must always be prepared if the person you like went through a breakup and is not ready to begin a new relationship. The best thing you can do is wish them well, but remain friends with the person, and hope that you can develop chemistry over time. It might be difficult at first to accept rejection, but the important thing is that you tried and can learn that everything will okay. Even though it might feel like 500 days of summer, the weeks we have off from college does go by fast, and using this time, especially during the spring and summer (if you are not already graduating) to improve as a human being will be beneficial, and perhaps the person who might not have seemed interested in you before might have a different change of heart the next time they see you.