A lot of people associate college with parties and drinking. And, yes, a lot of that does go on at colleges. But not every college student enjoys the party scene - I'm one of them! Believe me, I like to have a good time once in awhile, but a humid, sticky, beer soaked basement full of sweaty underage kids grinding all up in each others' business is not my idea of fun. In all honesty, college parties kind of suck, and here are a few reasons why:


It's literally impossible to move. I'm not claustrophobic, but I start getting kind of dizzy and my blood pressure definitely rises when I'm surrounded by crowds of sweaty drunk people. Maybe it' just me.

2: It's a sweat-box.

It could be -10 degrees outside and the average frat basement would still be a sauna. The air is so hot and humid. I don't know about you, but I do not enjoy being overheated and sweaty.

3: You can't even hear yourself think.

The music is always way too loud. I get that it's for dancing - and I LOVE dancing - but I also like to be able to talk to my friends without having to scream. And I also like actual music, not whatever the heck the techno-stuff is they are playing.

4: Grinding is not dancing.

Like I said above, I LOVE dancing. But at college parties, it's just a huge grind fest, growing more intense as you venture deeper into the pack. I do not consider grinding to be in any way dancing. If you like it, I'm not stopping you. But for me, it's extremely uncomfortable.

5: The drink selection SUCKS.

Will it be a cheap, stale beer or a jungle juice concoction of unidentified liquids???? Choose wisely.

6: It's basically a trap house.

My guess would be that 97% of the people who attend frat parties are underage (because people OF age know they suck and go to the bars instead). So, if the cops show up due to a noise complaint, everyone is screwed.

7: The blackout drunks.

Most underage drinkers don't understand how alcohol works and end up drinking WAY too much. There are people barfing and blacked out all over the place. It's kind of scary, to be honest. And just stupid.

8: I'd rather get good grades.

I will never understand how some people can go out every Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night and still function in school. I mean, they don't do very well in class. But I honestly have some respect because I think I would literally just die if I lived like they do.