The College Packing Lists
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Student Life

The College Packing Lists

Ultimate college lists for your freshmen year.

The College Packing Lists
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I still remember getting so excited as move in date was getting closer and closer. Then it started to feel super real to the point where I had no idea where to start on my packing. Sure, we have friends that will give us advice on what we should and shouldn't bring, but we swat those ideas in the back of our minds because we're going to overpack anyway. After I finished my first year of college, I realized that they were right after all. Things that you think you may use or need, won't even be touched once in the whole two semesters of your first year. So here's your guide/ lists on what to pack for college:

1. Beddings, pillows, comforters, etc.

It's a given that your bed in college will never be as comfy as your bed at home. So think about buying a mattress topper to put on your bed before your sheets to add a little bit of softness for that darn squeaky-hard bed. Make sure you bring your pillows, extra sheets, blankets and a comforter, because this is your own little space in that small tiny room shared with a room mate. So make it as comfortable as possible, because you will thank yourself later, after a long day of school work where a power nap is much needed.

2. TV, fridge and microwave.

It's a definite necessity, that's for sure, but there's no need to break your bank buying all these things all on your own. Talk about it with your roommate and talk about who's bringing which. But before you buy anything, make sure you check with the school's requirement of these certain appliances first so you really know what to get.

3. Food.

Yes, you will need snacks, and a lot of them. So make sure you stock up on them for the rainy days. You'll never know, you may want a snack while studying. It works and it helps you save money so just do it.

4. Beverages.

In the beginning, I brought cases of water, gatorade and soda. Little did I know, that I actually am wasting my money buying these cases of water. Look into buying a Brita, because this way, you won't have to spend money on bottled water and you'll still be able to drink fresh and clean water.

5. Clothes.

OK this was where I went wrong. I pretty much packed my whole room when I moved in to college and boy, it was hell trying to fit everything in that space. Although my roommate and I were lucky enough to have a little bigger room than the rest of the freshmen, it was still a struggle to unpack. So here's my take on clothes packing: COMFY COMFY COMFY. Going to class you'll realize that no one really tries to look nice every day, everyone wants to be as comfy as they can. So it doesn't hurt to pack mostly comfy clothes and some cute clothes when you go out. Don't go too crazy because I know it tends to be overwhelming, but believe me when I say that you will never wear most of the clothes you think you'd wear. Some people wear clothes again, and no one cares if you do just as long as it's not dirty or smelly.

6. Toiletries.

Stock up on them, you'll truly need it. Try buying those big bottle of shampoo, this way it'll last longer. Make sure you stock up on toothbrushes, shavers, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions, soaps, etc. Pretty much everything that you need on a daily basis to stay clean, and make sure you buy the bigger version of them, because it's better when they last'll save money at the end of the day.

7. Hangers.

Once you have your designated room assignment for the next year, make sure to ask what your room comes with. Usually it comes with two beds, two desks, two cabinets where you can hang stuff, and a bureau for your roommate and you to share. Hangers don't come with those cabinets so you may want to bring some if you want to hang some of your clothes.

8. Room fresheners.

Yes, your room will stink at some point. But that's never a problem, just bring some of those air fresheners that you can set around your room. I know I settled for those plug-ins that you get from Bath and Body Works, and it worked wonders for our room.

9. Cleaners.

You're going to need these things to either clean your clothes or clean your room. I know I was big on disinfecting my area so I made sure to bring a big disinfectant wipes. I also brought a dish soap to clean some of the utensils and bowls that I brought. Make sure to also buy those dryer sheets, and detergent for your clothes cause you're bound to need them when you do your laundry.

10. Vacuum.

Your room will be you and your roommates' sanctuary. So always keep it clean. Even though cleaning it may not be as crazy intense when mom pushed you to clean back home. You'll learn that it's always nice to come home to a clean, good smelling room once in awhile.

11. School supplies.

In all honesty, it's best to wait until the very first week of school when all classes starts in session. Because for one you never truly know what you'll need until your professor makes it very clear the first day of class when he reads you the syllabus. Some professors are old fashioned and would much rather prefer you to take notes on a notebook, and some will let you take notes on your laptop. So if anything, purchase some pens, pencils, some folders, and most definitely an agenda book to start you off. (PS: Your agenda book will be your life-line... trust me you'll need it for keeping track of everything)

12. Important documents.

Some of us will want to get jobs through school or outside sources, and most of them will ask about some time of documentation to prove that you really are who you say you are. So sometimes it's safe to bring some type of these documents, BUT always make sure to keep it hidden all times.

So there you go. I hope my little list helped you with your packing as your excitement about college gets bigger and bigger as the time rolls nearer and nearer. Don't ever forget to enjoy your first year of college, because it sure will be something that you will forever remember. Try new things out of your comfort zone and don't forget about your studies as well. Have fun and be safe, because you will love college.

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