This past weekend I moved back into college. I am now going into my sophomore year of school at the University of Connecticut. I honestly could not be more excited. Freshman year was so much fun I can’t imagine how much fun this year will be.

I live in New Jersey so it takes me anywhere between three and four hours to drive up to school. I left my house at around 8:30 and got to school around 12:00. When I got there there were only a few people moving in (I moved in early). I walked up three flights of stairs to get to my room, my roommates stuff already beautifully set up, and we just keep piling my things in. The things coming into my room were never ending.

As my dad was piling everything in I decided I should start unpacking. I started with my clothes. That was a huge chuck of the stuff I brought so I figured it would be the easiest thing to get out of the way. Little did I know, most of the items I use to store things in, i.e. baskets, bins, shelves etc. was in a storage locker. So halfway through taking my clothes out of bags I had to stop and drive to the locker to retrieve the last of my things. Unknowingly to my family, it was a lot more than anticipated. None of us really remembered how much stuff was in the storage locker until we got there.

Once we got everything out of the storage locker we drove back to my building and kept unpacking. Once all of my clothes were unpacked and put away I had to decide where to put everything else. Those of you who have been to college or have seen a college dorm know that your space is very limited. You are coexisting with another human in a tiny tiny room.

I started deciding where everything was going and started placing things exactly where I wanted them. Slowly but surely, my room was coming along. After a few long hours my room was finally finished and almost exactly how I wanted it. I realized I forgot a few things, even after going to a few stores, so my walls are still blank and I am still missing a few important items but soon enough my room will be complete and to my perfection.

My roommates bedding and my bedding magically matched so our room is very color organized and honestly it looks so good. We put our beds together in an L shape and there is so much more space in our room because of that. Before you move in, definetly move the furniture around to see what you like the best. Don't be afraid to put your beds together or be close to your roommate.

College is (from what I’ve experienced so far) the best times of your life. You make the best of friends, making unforgettable memories and just living your life to the fullest. One of the first people you meet in college will be your roommate on move in day. As stressful as this day is, it is also the start of the best years of your life.