If College Majors Were Hannah Montana Songs
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If College Majors Were Hannah Montana Songs

7. Psychology: "Let's Get Crazy"

Hannah Montana

The best new adults watched new Hannah Montana episodes on Disney Channel every Friday night! Since we're all in college now, it's time to bring all our knowledge full circle. Every major can totally identify with a Hannah Montana song, trust me.

1. Biology: "This Is The Life"

Biology majors love studying life down to the studs. They'll also tell you exactly what they know, right when they think you need to know it.

2. Business: "Let's Do This"

Business majors are straight to the point, just like this song. They don't tend to small talk, unless it's for their long-term endgame. I'm sure you can hear the one you know saying, "Let's do this,".

3. Communications: "True Friend"

This song, and studying communications, teaches you how to interact with even those who are closest to you. If we all sang this song to our best friends, we'd have better friends and more of them. Communicating as much as you can is the best thing you can do as a communications major.

4. Elementary Education: "I Learned From You"

They go naively think they know everything and think it's easy, but they have so much to learn.

Hannah Montana says it best, "I didn't wanna listen to what you were saying. I thought that I knew all I need to know. I didn't realize that somewhere inside me, I knew you were right but I couldn't say so,". Every elementary ed' major gets it.

5. Political Science: "I Got Nerve"

Every political science major is pretty similar. We all want to be the best, and that takes nerve. They're stern but fun, and know that one day you'll know their name,

6. Nursing: "You And Me Together"

Everybody has that one nursing major friend who fits this song to a tee! They will be the exact same way when they start really nursing after graduation!

7. Psychology: "Let's Get Crazy"

I mean quite literally, let's get into the crazy.

8. Fashion Marketing: "Old Blue Jeans"

Putting on the old pair of jeans can be nice, even for the best fashion major.

9. Liberal Arts & Sciences: "It's All Right Here"

Why study anything else other than what you already know and need to know, just deeper?

10. History: "I'll Always Remember You"

As Hannah Montana says, "Another chapter in the book. Can't go back but you can look and there we are on every page. Memories I'll always save,".

What songs from Hannah Montana fit your major? Let me know in the comments!

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