College Life As Told By Kim Kardashian GIF's

Many people judge the Kardashians, especially Kim, for having no talent. Well, I disagree. Without Kim, who would we use to create these wonderful GIF's? She has portrayed every emotion and facial expression possible. If you don't think so, download her Emoji app and see for yourself. Whats more is that all of her expressions relate perfectly to college experiences. Kim Kardashian is what keeps me going through the week and what I use as a guilty pleasure--and if you judge me for that, that's fine because I know who is really missing out in this scenario. But for those who love the Kardashian clan, like me, then some, if not all, of these moments should be familiar.

1. First we will start with one of the most satisfying moments in life: the moment after you pass a test you were sure you failed, and within two seconds we become Kim.

2. Or when life throws many struggles your way (immature boys) all I want to say is this.

4. There comes a vital point in our college careers when, despite our efforts and dreams we had entering Freshman year, we cannot help but feel lost and unprepared for the real world. Good news is, Kim gets it.

5. Life is a big fat joke, you can't help but laugh at it. Whatever makes the pain go away, right?

6. I'm pretty sure this is the most common phrase on any college campus. Which is totally okay!

7. We know college is super stressful between classes, working out, and having a job. But at the end of the day, we can all take a piece of advice from Kim.

8. On a finale note, and especially since college is filled with our poor tears, this seemed all too fitting. This compilation of the most beloved and famous crying faces Kim has made. Well, let's just say I wish any one of theses screen shots was my phone case.

Therefore, the next time you consider Kim, or any of the Kardashians talentless, take a moment to search some GIF's or memes. If none of them make you smile or laugh, well, lets be real, that won't happen.

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