If You're In College Then 'Grown-ish' Should Be At The Top Of Your Watchlist
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If You're In College Then 'Grown-ish' Should Be At The Top Of Your Watchlist

10/10 accuracy and 11/10 lovability.

If You're In College Then 'Grown-ish' Should Be At The Top Of Your Watchlist

Ever since "A Different World" quit airing in 1993 there has been no other show that directly reached out to college students. Thankfully in January of this year Freeform aired it's first episode of "Grown-ish" which is a spin-off of the hit sitcom "Black-ish".

Here are some of the many reasons why it's the absolute best for college kids.

1. Zoey breaks the fourth wall and it's literally me IRL.

Ok so maybe I don't actually turn and look into a camera every time I have a random thought, but Zoey does and she says the ridiculous things I'm thinking out loud so I don't have to.

2. College friends are just as bold as Jazz and Sky.

When it comes to telling you like it is in college, your friends don't hold back, why? Because unlike high school your friends are actually there because they want to be, not because they have to be.

3. Everyone knows an Anna.

Anna is the worrier and "mom" of the group. She may be a little dramatic sometimes but it's all in good intention. Even in college you'll have at least one semi level-headed friend. Heavy on the semi.

4. No two friends are alike.

You may be friends with athletes, people with 4.0 GPA's, some with a 2.0, art majors, and business majors all at the same time. No one is grouped together in cliques, just like Zoey and her friends.

5. Dating is different.

Zoey bounces back and forth from Luca to Trevor, and then later on she adds Cash in the mix. When you're figuring out the kind of people you want to date, it's ok to test the waters. Each guy she dated was different and she had to see who she vibed with and that's ok.

In high school, she probably would've gotten a bad rep for this, but now it's the norm.

(Unlike Zoey you should probably choose guys that aren't in the same friend group with one another, just a thought.)

6. You will make mistakes.

In the beginning of the season, Zoey struggled with staying focused so she listened to everyone around her and ended up taking unprescribed adderall.

Learn from Zoey's mistake and find healthier (and legal) ways to keep your grades up. Just because everyone around you is doing it, doesn't make it right. Drug use is so common on college campuses and through that you have to stay level-headed.

"Grown-ish" does a great job portraying this aspect of college.

7. It is easy to lose sight of your goals.

During Zoey's internship at Teen Vogue, she is obsessed with her new found social media presence. She becomes consumed with being "verified" and the number of likes she gets that she slacks off at work and gets demoted.

In this age of technology, college students can become more worried about their Instagram aesthetic than they are long-term goals.

8. Class registration should be top priority.

The whole reason Zoey has the friends she has is because they all registered for class late and ended up in a bogus night class.

While it worked out in her favor, don't procrastinate during registration. You'll get stuck with 8 a.m.'s and long night classes if you aren't careful.

9. Even in college you still need your parents.

Zoey's mom, Rainbow, showed up in her dorm room one night after having not heard from her for a while. She sensed something wasn't right and in real life mom's have this instinct too.

I know mine can spot a bad mood just by being on the phone with me for one minute.

10. You won't have it all together all the time.

Everyone in the show has their own unique issues just like the friends you'll make in college. Don't go into it thinking you'll figure it out in the first week, making straight A's, hitting the gym, and keeping an active social life all at the same time.

Not saying you can't do it eventually but expect to fall on your face a time or two. "Grown-ish" does an amazing job at showing the struggles you'll face in college and the realistic (sometimes ridiculous) ways students handle them.

I hope you give "Grown-ish" a chance, and I bet that every episode you'll be thinking "yep, I've been there before."

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