College is all fun and games until it's the last two weeks of the semester, aka the two weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break. Every college student's worst nightmare. Thought the campus clown epidemic two years ago was bad? This is even worse.

These final two weeks are also possibly the most confusing weeks of our entire semester. We all just went from chillin' at home, feasting on home cooked meals, just to be thrown back into reality Monday morning. Sadly for us, this is accompanied with exams scheduled in the afternoon, papers due by the end of the week and finals to start reviewing for. The worst part? We should have seen it coming. Every year, it's the same thing and every year, we're surprised the same way.

Finals week is just around the corner and our procrastination efforts are starting to catch up to us. The consequences that we face as procrastinators are ready to bite us in the butt. We all just got back from our Thanksgiving Break and feel a sense of rejuvenation. As soon as our alarm clocks went off on Monday, we knew.

We had a whole week to get ahead academically. We had a whole week to get ahead of ourselves in an effort to lighten the load for the final stretch of the semester. What did you do to better your last two weeks? I can tell you the 6 things I did and I have a feeling we're on the same boat.

1. You thought about getting ahead with your homework.

2. You did not touch your homework.

3. You thought about reviewing for your finals.

4. You definitely did not begin reviewing for your finals. 

5. You slept in for the first time in a long time.

6. You played the "I am a guest in this house" card every time your parents asked you to do a favor. 

Thanksgiving Break is honestly a hate-love relationship. We love getting time off, eating to our heart's content, and doing absolutely nothing. On the other hand, we hate all the homework we have after, all the exams we have coming back, and once again sleeping about two hours every night.