So here's the thing. Starting a new job is difficult when you do not know what to expect when it comes to your co-workers and your boss. I have had several problems throughout the four years I have worked at the YMCA. I would never have thought I would be hired by one person, but then four years later I have had a total of four managers. That is not something anyone would want. Having so many new managers can make it difficult since each of them are so different which means having things constantly changing.

Being hired by one person and then a year later having a new guy is difficult because you enjoy your first boss and then do not like the next one because they are so different. I have had to deal with managers who do not know how to do their job for the most part and will constantly mess things up.

The scheduling was the worst part. I would tell my boss that I cannot work certain days and then I would be scheduled those days. I would then remind him and he kept scheduling me every time. You need to have a good schedule to not run into several other problems.

Since the schedule was wrong so many times, I would be stuck staying at work later than I'm supposed to because they need people. Even though I was never at fault, I would be the one who was getting screwed each time. I used to work the opening shift at 4:45 a.m. I would be working so early and then have to stay even later than scheduled just because someone did not feel like showing up or "over-slept." Once that started happening too often, I made sure I never had to stay too much later since I have done so much for them already.

My managers were not always the issue. When I first started, most of the people working there were in high school and very few were in college. Once we all left for college, that was when all of the drama started. I have never been the kind of person to get involved with any sort of drama so I would always stay out of things, other than hearing about it all.

I expected there to be so much happening there because people our age tend to start a lot of things with other people. I usually kept to myself so I did not have to be involved. All I wanted to do, was work and get paid, not have to deal with peoples problems that do not have to do with my job.

Any one who wants to be a lifeguard will most likely have to be prepared for all the drama that is involved. Since so many high school and college kids work as a lifeguard, there is bound to be at least some of it going on in the background no matter where you are employed as a lifeguard.