When “college” comes up in a conversation, attitudes can vary greatly depending on the time of the semester students are in and the mental state it may have them in. A senior may be more focused on finding a job or getting in grad school and go to the bars to blow off steam, and a freshman may give more replies on the friendships they have discovered and realizing just how much they miss home and how nice it was to be able to nap when you want to nap and complete all of your homework for the week in one or two class periods. However, no matter if it's test week and you are running on 3 hours of sleep and caffeine or you’re on a high from finding out your class was cancelled, everyone can usually agree on the fact that college has changed you for the better and has included some of the most memorable moments of your life. Here is how 35 different students summarize their definition of college.

College is...

1. "College is where you discover your true self."

2. "College is lit."

3. "College is where you become best friends with someone who grew up a 12-hour drive away from you."

4. "College is nothing like what my high school counselor told me it would be..."

5. "College is too fun to spend it studying in your dorm."

6. "College is when you find out how much you missed nap time kindergarten."

7. "College is so much more fun after you turn 21."

8. "College is where you learn you are never alone in any situation. Cried five times this week and it's only Monday? So has half of the people in your class or major. Haven't washed your hair in three days? The girl sitting next to you says she hasn't either and offers you more dry shampoo. You. Are. Never. Alone."

9. "College is hard. Don't be ashamed to admit it."

10. "College is where you find your besties."

11. "College is exciting, terrifying, fun, and stressful... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

12. "College is where you find your bridesmaids."

13. "College is trying to drink as much as you can without poisoning your body and still make straight A's without actually accomplishing either."

14. "College is the most expensive party you will ever go to."

15. "College is going to be the death of me... but will be so worth it."

16. "College is a place where you meet people that make you wonder how you ever lived without them."

17. "College is the time when you meet the girls who will become your future bridesmaids."

18. "College is where washing your hair every third day is an accomplishment and your friends support it.

19. "College is 10% education in the classroom, 90% education in real life."

20. "College is exactly what you make it."

21."College is passive aggressive."

22. "College is the best of times, and the worst of times."

23. "College is where you can spend $500 a day, but live off of $5 for a week."

24. "Finding your preferred form of caffeine."

25. "College is trying to find a job, get good grades, and make it to the bars."

26. "College is donating blood or plasma just to pay rent for the month."

27. "College is sitting in the same seat in the library all four years."

28. "College is only buying things you can bursar."

29. "College is going to the gym only to find the gym is packed so you go home and sleep and eat pancakes instead."

30. "College is skipping one class just to study for an exam in another."

31. "College is calling your mom three times a day for yet another mental breakdown."

32. "College is worthwhile...hopefully."

33. "College is honestly not as hard as I thought it would be."

34. "College is trying to balance classes, homework, a social life, family, good grades, sleep, exercise, and work until you reach the point where you literally just give up and sleep for 15 hours straight."

35. "College is some of the best years of your life."