If you're like me, it's once again the time to go grocery shopping so you can stock up on food for the semester.

Whether you live in the dorms or have your own apartment, you are sure to stock up on food now so you don't have to make a bunch of grocery store trips during the semester. While shopping there are a lot more thoughts that run through a college girl's head than you think.

Take a look inside a college girl's head and you might hear these thoughts...

1. "OK, I have to make a list first, then I won't forget to buy something."

2. "Let's get a cart because a basket isn't going to do."

3. "Isn't it odd that fruit is the first section you walk into in a store?"

4. "Seriously, those strawberries look too amazing, but I know I can't eat them all before they expire."

5. "But I should get some type of fruit to be healthy."

6. "Next, onto the bread. Let's try to find the most healthy bread with the furthest out expiration date."

7. "Ooooh, that nutella would go really well with my bread, though. And hey, it isn't perishable!"

8. "Totally need some of that microwave mac and cheese. It's not quite healthy but it's definitely worth it when you're drunk."

9. "Oh geez, I hope someone doesn't set off the fire alarm again this semester because they didn't put water in their instant mac and cheese."

10. "Let's also get some pasta and sauce because who doesn't love alfredo or spaghetti!"

11. "Let's get some soup too for when I get sick."

12. "Now I should get some snacks for classes."

13. "Does candy and cookies count as a snack? Because those double stuffed oreos look AMAZING."

14. "You know, I really want to try and eat healthier this semester but all of these snacks look too good."

15. "Maybe I'll find some snacks with lower calories and sugars."

16. "OMG why is there so much sugar in EVERYTHING?"

17. "Well I'll workout this semester so I guess it's alright if I splurge on my food."

18. "Let's get cheez-its, pringles, chips and dip..."

19. "It's fine, my friends will end up eat half of my stuff anyways."

20. "Ooo, what kind of juices and soda would make good mixers?"

21. "Fat free milk is healthier, right? I guess that balances out the snacks!"

22. "Cheese is necessary. Quesadillas or grilled cheese is awesome after a night of partying."

23. "Let's not forget the hotpockets and mini pizzas!"

24. "They're also amazing when I'm studying so much I don't have the energy to cook."

25. "Alright, alright I need to be done, I have WAY too much in my cart."

26. "Man, I have to carry all of this food to my dorm (or apartment)."

27. "HOW much did I just spend on food?! That's impossible. Math is crazy."

28. "Wow, maybe the crappy dining hall food is better than spending this much money on better tasting food."

29. "I can't wait to have a job and actually afford good food, especially meat."

30. "Well good thing I stocked up now and (hopefully) won't have to take any trips to the store this semester."