College is an interesting place. One where you become who you will be for the rest of your life. But what about those people who help along the way? Don't they receive some praise? Today I want to share with you the five types of friends you will run into at college.

1. The talkative friend

I have a bad habit as being this one. You're friend is trying to get to class and you have so much you need to tell them but minutes turn into seconds in college.

2. The sleepy friend

This is the friend that no matter what time of day it is, they are asleep. You want to study for a test with them and you text them to meet but it seems they have fallen into a vortex and fallen asleep.

3. The overworked friend

This is the friend that is always in the top study room in the library. The bookworm that takes every class to the extreme and never seems to eat or breathe. This friend is also a scary friend when you come between them and their books.

4. The goodbye friend

This is the friend that is never on campus no matter when you are looking for them. Dates, work, or just going for a run, they are never there. Where do you go???

5. The true friend

This is the friend that is at all your games or recitals. That friend that never fails to show up when you are crying or simply need a hug. Keep them around.

Friends in college are easy to make but tough to keep when the going gets tough. Pick wisely.