Dear Incoming Freshmen, Learn To Be Fearless And You'll Be Successful
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Dear Incoming Freshmen, Learn To Be Fearless And you'll Be Successful

There is a lot of thoughts going through the mind of a graduating senior, but one of them should be not to worry because the University of Central Florida holds the best for your future.

Lily Disilvestro

It is finally happening. Graduation is just a few days away, or it has already happened. That means that your next huge step in life is right around the corner. All of that work you put into for that one letter: the letter that will let you enter the biggest step of your academic career and social life.

Jump into this part of life with both feet and let life take its course. I could not have made it through the preparation of college without the support of my friends and family. There is a lot of worry about splitting up from the people you grew up with and how different life will be in a new environment. However, the anxiety and nerves are only because you are creating the "what if" scenarios in your head. The key to such a big transition is to not think about the embarrassing or awkward scenarios that linger in your head. College is such an amazing and new chapter in life that should be taken advantage of! Though leaving this high school part of you behind is hard, the future holds so much promise for everybody.

Leaving for college, whether it may be far or near, is hard. However, the things that are waiting for you to see and experience have so much potential to create a new you and to grow as a person. A lot of people asked me if I was nervous or scared to go far away for college, but I was so excited. There were no nerves, but it was hard leaving everything behind for four months. I think leaving is the hardest part of this transition. The best thing to do is take in every moment you have with your favorite people and make amazing memories with the people that know you best.

There is nothing you can do to stop time, but you can make your time worthwhile.

It is natural to worry about what will happen, but I promise that if you go into college with an open mind and no expectations that you will flourish and thrive. This is a time where you may have to get a little bit out of your comfort zone. I met one of my first friends in college by just going up to her at a bagel shop and introducing myself. She and I became friends instantly and hung out all year. Usually, I would not just go up to a random girl but there is nothing to lose if you just try.

Making friends in college may seem intimidating, but if you just put yourself out there and get involved it will happen naturally. Every college freshman should try to meet new people similar to him or her and people completely different from them. My college friends and my home friends are very different, but I am so glad I met new people I click with. Do not panic about making friends, if you just try to make friends you may find some of a lifetime!

I cannot imagine my life if I hadn't accepted my offer from the University of Central Florida mostly because I went into college with an open mind and a positive mindset. All incoming freshman should learn to love where they attend because college only happens once. Sometimes the school you choose may not be the best fit for you, which is completely acceptable, however, if you just expose yourself to the new environment and let life take its course you will thrive.

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