17 Titles Appropriate For Any College Student's Tell-All Autobiography
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17 Titles Appropriate For Any College Student's Tell-All Autobiography

Welcome to four years of absolute insanity.

17 Titles Appropriate For Any College Student's Tell-All Autobiography
Jessie Hicks

College is a time and a half, and a lot of weird stuff can happen. Whether you're in the classroom, chilling in your room, out with friends or just running around campus, it's interesting to think about what would be included if your life were ever written about. While this is interesting, it's obviously better to get insane stories straight from the source, so here are 17 possible titles for your autobiography.

1. "*Distressed Noises*"


What even is college anyway if you don't flip out over the most minor inconveniences?

2. "Adulting: It's Not On The Syllabus"


Adulting is hard, but at least we're all learning how to do it together.

3. "What Is Sleep?"


It's one of the most important things in college, yet we never seem to get any.

4. "I'm Dying, But It's Fine"


Count your blessings if this isn't your lifestyle in college.

5. "What To Do When Someone Takes Your Unassigned Assigned Seat — Again"


This is absolutely unacceptable. Don't be that person.

6. "Office Hours? More Like Nonexistent Hours"


Pretty sure office hours for my classes only happen while I'm in other classes.

7. "What Are Taxes?"


OK. I'm over here taking general education courses that are completely irrelevant to my field of study, but we're never formally taught how to do this kind of stuff.

8. "How To Stay Sane (Spoiler Alert, You Can't)"


RIP to all the freshmen who think it will all be fun and games.

9. "A Day In The Life Of Death"


Finals week. That's all I have to say.

10. "Not Even Four Espresso Shots Can Help This Paper"


You know how sometimes professors assign papers to be way longer than should ever be necessary? Like, I could answer this question in about three to four sentences. Why on earth do they need over nine pages?

11. "I Survived The Meal Plan, And This Is My Story"


Dining halls are the WORST, and I will not let anyone convince me otherwise. There's also literally no reason we need to be charged $13 per swipe for a meal that's barely edible.

12. "'This Is The Worst.' — Michael Scott" -*Insert Name*


"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' — Wayne Gretzky" — Michael Scott

13. "Ice Cream: The Ultimate Answer To All Of Life's Problems"


Bad day? Fix it with ice cream. Good day? Ice cream. Great day? Celebrate with ice cream.

14. "Surviving Exams (Sort Of) Like A Pro"


This is basically all college students the week before finals because they know they'll be #dead until their last exam.

15. "Surviving Breaks Without Friends"


What's life without people to share your adventures with?

16. "Dealing With Reality After The Weekend"


It doesn't matter how you spend your weekends. Monday morning is still a shock to your system.

17. "Sometimes I Even Procrastinate Procrastinating"


Me: *Should be writing articles but does everything else instead*

Also me: *Should be doing everything else but is writing articles*

College is insane, and sometimes I question everything I'm doing. Life's always better when your best friends are around though, so at least you have people to get through it with. Just make sure to mention them in your new book.

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