We all know that Lizzie McGuire was one of the best shows the Disney Channel's peak of entertainment quality. Lizzie McGuire was not only applicable to life as an 8-year-old; it is the perfect way to describe life as a college student. Let me show you what I mean:

Your idea of college on the first day of freshman year:

The first time you go home on a break:

When your mom sends you homemade cookies:

What you tell yourself up until mid-terms:

Every day:

When you have class with your best friend:

When your professor gets that look in his eye:

When you have to take Gen Eds:

When you have no homework due the next day:

When your professor extends a deadline on a project you spent all night working on:

When you've spent a little too much time with your roommate:

When you walk by a tour on campus:

When you get the test back:

When your friends are amazing: