Best Places to Shop for Dresses
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Best Places to Shop for Dresses

With endless date parties and events it can be hard to find a dress. Here are six of the best places to shop local and online for dresses.

Best Places to Shop for Dresses
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Date party season is here and we’re ready to start hitting the various locations on court street. Date parties are a fun way in which Greek life, clubs, and sports teams can dress up, mingle, and meet new people.

I think the most fun aspect of date parties is getting to dress up and seeing how everyone’s personality comes out in how they choose to dress. However, with so many different places to shop for dresses, it can be stressful to find that perfect fit just for you and at the right price point. So, I’m here to tell you six of the best places to shop for that perfect dress just for you.

Starting at number one is Lulus. Lulus is an online store that has everything from casual wear to formal wear, with dresses of all lengths, styles, and occasions including shoes and accessories. What I love most about Lulus is the versatility of it all. I’ve purchased everything from school dance dresses, shoes, and casual dresses, to date party dresses, all at a great price point with many sale options too.

Lulus comes in various shapes and sizes with a perfect fit just for you. If you’re looking for a dress for a specific occasion or color, Lulus has tabs that offer you just what you need. Lulus is a fun and fresh way to change up your style, length, and color of what you want to wear. If you’re on a budget, Lulu’s has you covered with a wide price range with budget markers for what is affordable for you.

Coming in at number two is Lucy in the Sky. With the store being completely online it allows for a way to easily search for a particular style, length, and color of a dress. What I love the most about Lucy in the Sky is that the model can be seen wearing the clothes in a picture and a video. With a video, the buyer can see the entirety of the clothing and get an overall feel of how it would look on someone and how the clothing will move with them.

I’ve gotten some of my favorite dresses at Lucy in the Sky and I’ve loved the material and quality of the dress. Lucy in the Sky does come at a higher price, but the quality of the material is great, which would be beneficial if you want to resell. They have dresses for any occasion if you want something more casual or classy Lucy in the Sky has you covered.

Amazon would have to take the top third spot. Amazon has everything imaginable that you ever need. With countless products, Amazon has a bunch of dresses perfect for any occasion. The most convenient thing about Amazon is that it is delivered in a week or so with regular orders and forty-eight hours with prime.

With being in college, it can be hard to go out and look for dresses, therefore Amazon is an easy way to browse through hundreds of dresses to find the perfect fit for you. Amazon comes in an affordable and timely manner to have you looking perfect in time for your date party.

Shein is coming in at number four. Shein is an easy way to buy any type of clothing at a cheap price. With being in college, spending extra money on a dress I might wear a couple of times can be expensive and limiting to do, that’s where Shein comes in handy.

Shein has a bunch of different styles all at a low price and I’ve never gotten anything from here that was too expensive. A downside to Shein is that it does take some time for everything to ship and the material isn’t the best quality sometimes. However, looking at the reviews shows real-life people wearing the item and a description if they liked the item or not and if it was in fact worth buying. Another negative is a more restrictive return policy, something to keep in mind when deciding on sizing.

Coming in hot at number five is Figleaf. Figleaf is right down on Court Street, making it easy for students to locate and browse through dresses for any occasion. Figleaf has cute tops and skirts to spice things up for any occasion. Figleaf does change up its in-store style so it always adds new and fresh ideas to change up your style.

The great thing about Figleaf is that it’s fun to go with your friends as the location is not too far away. Figleaf can be a little pricy depending on what you buy, but the quality and fabric are amazing and will last you years.

Last but not least is Kismet. Kismet is a cute store located right on West State Street that has a variety of clothes and accessories to make your outfit perfect. Kismet is very versatile and it has many different options to choose from whether you’re looking for something more casual or more dressy.

Kismet offers a lot of accessories and I’ve gotten some of the cutest pieces of jewelry that are to die for. Kismet can also be a little more on the pricier side depending on what you get, but with the location being right here in Athens, it’s great for a last-minute find for the perfect dress.

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