The Real Lives Of College Students Everywhere
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Student Life

The Real Lives Of College Students Everywhere

College 2.0

The Real Lives Of College Students Everywhere

There’s always going to be that stereotypical version of the lifestyle that college kids live running through the hallways of high schools and worrying the minds of parents. However, you never really see behind the scenes at what actually happens when students aren’t on Spring Break or partying on the weekend. So, to showcase the actual happenings of college students everywhere, below is a list depicting the real lives of college students;

1. Deadlines

There’s nothing like having 18 hours of classes going on and still having to worry about making every deadline for every paper, quiz or discussion post. The struggle is real.

2. 8. a.m.'s

In high school, getting up and ready for school was an absolute breeze. However, in college, it’s almost a daily chore. You have to give yourself a pep talk half the time.

3. Finals

And I mean REAL finals. Not the tests in high school where they give you a study guide with a word-for-word explanation. I’m talking straight from the textbook that you were supposed to read 150 pages worth of to get every detail.

4. Community Bathrooms

We all know we have business to take care of but that doesn’t make it any easier. Imagine a building of 800 girls all needing to shower, do laundry, etc. It’s a real struggle, lemme tell ya.

5. Roommates

They may be your best friend or worst enemy. However, you still have personal space you need and alone time you have to have.

6. Campus Food

Whether it’s decent, edible, or not so great at all, it ain’t nothing like a home cooked meal or what you’re used to.

7. Classes don't cancel

When the majority of your school lives on campus, don’t expect a snow day unless there is 10 feet of snow on the ground and ice everywhere. Get your snow boots on guys!

8. Freshman 15

You read it right, it is a real thing. When you’re hoarding up in your room studying and doing home 24/7 and don’t go to dinner or lunch you tend to stay in your room eating on ramen noodles, eating chips and not realizing you’re gaining weight.

9. Netflix and Chill

Got you curious, don’t I? Well, get your head out of the gutter. When students do have time to actually chill, there’s no relaxation like sitting down to your favorite Netflix series and HAVING ALREADY FINISHED THE LAST SEASON AVAILABLE. That’s a real nightmare.

10. Parking

There won’t be a student that won’t scorn at the very thought about having to park in a parking lot that fits 200 cars but has 300 assigned to that lot. Get your bikes out, unless you wanna walk.

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