Forget Post Malone, Who Broke Cole Swindell’s Heart?
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I've been listening to Cole Swindell since senior year of high school when 'Chillin It' was the summer anthem after I graduated. His song 'Hope You Get Lonely Tonight' was my Song with an ex from my freshman year of college. After me and her broke up more of his songs started getting popular that were more or less break up songs. I can relate most of these songs to that relationship so I can feel the pain in the songs. My question is who broke his heart? Everyone talks about the hurt in Post Malone's songs but here's a list of songs that show more hurt than in most Post Malone songs.

1. ‘Hope You Get Lonely Tonight’

This one has a different feel for me than his commentary. In his commentary it's about a guy who's missing an ex and hopes she gets lonely and invites him over. For me this song is my song with my ex that was our song. It was always on the radio whenever we'd get in the car so it was fitting but it was still I hope you want me to come over. It's hard for me to listen to the song anymore but I can now listen to it and see Cole's meaning for the song because there were times I sat by waiting for a call or text.

2. ‘Ain’t Worth the Whiskey’

This one hits me hard. Just after our first big breakup this song became popular. It’s exactly how I tried to look and feel afterwards. I just went on with school still hurting, still hanging with the guys, and still playing sports. But I tried to show her and her friends I was having a good time without her and at a small school it’s pretty easy.

3. ‘Middle of a Memory’

The second album came out and along with it came ‘Middle of a Memory’. After the second big breakup this song really struck me. The summer after freshman year we got back together and there were a lot of fun times that summer. At the end of the summer it was all over. It was bad timing of a breakup because my life crashed afterward. But things in our relationship were going so great and the memories were just starting and then to just have them in your head and not actually make those is so hard.

4. ‘You Should Be Here’

For me this song hits me the hardest. Only one other Cole Swindell song hits me harder and that’s ‘Dad’s Old Number’. This song gets me on two fronts. After that breakup my grandmother had a stroke and a few days later was told my dad had cancer and it’s just about the time I have left with him. Just a few days earlier everything had been great and that breakup had set everything into motion. I remember thinking those same words you should be here. I needed her more than anything at that time. But I also knew she shouldn’t just stay because I was going through some shit. On the second way I feel about this song is as I’ve grown up and gotten married and started a family I’ve related it to my dad as Cole himself did. There’s been big moments in my life’s that I wish that my dad would’ve been here for.

5. ‘Break Up in the End’

This song doesn’t really have any feeling on me but you can tell with Cole and him explaining the meaning it’s affected him. You have those relationships that are great but you know it’s not gonna last and you’ll break up for one reason or another. We’ve all been there.

6. ‘Love You Too Late’

We can all relate to Swindell’s newest single. It’s a song about you made mistakes or you didn’t show how much you really loved someone until it was too late. We allowed that person to make up their mind and leave us hurt and feeling guilty about what we could have done to change it.

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