Winter Is Here!

It's February and the weather is finally cold enough to be considered winter!

Winter is a time to be cold when you walk for any amount of time outside so you can appreciate the warmth of anyplace inside. The cold is also refreshing in a city that can contain a not so good smell during the warmer months. During winter you get to wear the comfiest clothing, soft mittens, and cute hats. The snow that is supposed to accompany the cold is my favorite! Snow has a beauty to which nothing else can compare.

Winter is also the time for soup weather. There are so many different soups and not enough time to try them all in the short span we have of cold weather and this soup season has been shortened by the warm weather. There is no greater feeling than coming home to a warm apartment with a pot of soup on the stove.

The last wonderful thing to come with a cold winter is warming up under all the blankets and with a cup of hot cocoa. After a long day there is no more comforting feeling than snuggling under multiple blankets warming your hands on the steaming cup of hot cocoa.

The first step you take outside in this cold weather might make you want to curse winter, but if you think about it, this weather brings many comforting and delicious things into your life.

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