To The People Who Love The Cold, You're Not Alone
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To The People Who Love The Cold, You're Not Alone

Yes, it sounds crazy. But, fall and winter are better than spring and summer.

To The People Who Love The Cold, You're Not Alone

First and Foremost

I realize that the people who might relate to this article are probably fewer than those who will look at this and say, "Yeah, she's crazy or weird." But don't forget, this is my personal opinion. Some of these reasons why I or others like the cold might not affect you because everyone's different. Some of these points may even seem minuscule or might not make sense.

Either way, I hope this article gives you insight into why I like the cold and winter. And to the ones who can relate, I'm just glad I'm not alone in this.

Summer is just okay

Summer definitely has its perks. But for me, the negatives I experience during the summer outweigh the positives.

One of the only reasons I love summer is tanning. I get extremely pale in the winter and can't really do anything about it unless I happen to go on vacation. But during the summer, I can tan whenever and transform into a bronzy, shiny, goddess. Okay, that was overexaggerated, but that's how I feel! If I could feel like that through all the seasons, I'd be much happier.

But tanning, going to the beach, and swimming are all I really like about summer. Yes, the nice 70 degree days are nice and don't do me much harm. But when it gets deep into the summer months, 90- to 100-degree weather doesn't do it for me. It's the absolute worst. Not only am I sweating as soon as I walk outside, but I'm sweating in the car, doing outdoor activities, and at events where I don't want to be sweaty. Boob sweat and butt sweat are real, people. And they ruin outfits, too. It's annoying and something I can't really run away from.

Another reason I'm not a summer person is that I'm just not as comfortable as I'd like to be. Yes, I get my nice glowy tan, but in terms of clothing, not really my ideal look. Although that sounds weird, it's true.

No, I'm not overweight or anything like that. But I have very limited options when it comes to summer clothing. I'm self-conscious and there's nothing wrong with that. I love my body and have insecurities. Maybe that's just because of my budget or the fact that I don't have the best fashion sense, but either way, I don't feel comfortable and that affects my reasoning.

Fall is my favorite

I have some bias when it comes to fall because my birthday is in October. But I like it for much more than that.

Unfortunately, in the past few years, I feel as if fall has been the shortest seasons out of them all. It's become so hot, summer seeming to linger on during the fall months. Thanks, global warming.

Many of the days in fall don't feel like genuine fall days and that sucks, since the transition between summer and fall is amazing. It's a time for comfy clothes, perfect breezes, the changing colors of leaves, and chilly nights. It's perfect to me. Sunny and slightly warm during the day then cool nights that aren't freezing.

For me, that allows for the perfect outfits ever! Jeans, long sleeves, jackets, scarves, and so much more. I can wear clothes that I feel 100% comfortable in.

Winter, you're great

Winter is great for a number of reasons.

The holidays

I love the holidays so much!


I love when it snows, even if it doesn't cancel school. Going outside in the snow, playing and building snowmen, making snow angels - that's all my idea of fun. I don't care if I sound like a 10-year-old, it's what I love even if I'm freezing my hands off for a bit.

Winter break

I get a break from school, which means I'm able to spend a lot of time with family. I can do my own things without a lot of responsibilities!

Cuddling season

Cuddling is one of my favorite pastimes. You can't really go wrong with that especially when you have a special someone.

Warm drinks and desserts

Even though you can have hot chocolate, apple cider, or any kind of warm dessert/food during the other seasons, it doesn't make the same impact during the colder months. Warm things hit the heart differently in the cold, in an awesome way that I can't explain.


Like I said, my clothing options during the winter are my favorite. Boots and high tops, sweatpants or jeans, trenchcoats and puffers; they all come together and turn into my most comfortable outfits of all time. Cute, comfy, warm, and layered. Just how I like it!

Moral of the story

The cold seasons are not everyone's cup of tea. I realize that. For me and those who love the cold despite its many negatives, you're not alone and I respect you all. Keep strong in your opinion, because some haters will try to convince you otherwise.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you, fall and winter. I hope you get some revenge on global warming and summer and linger on for a little bit longer than expected.

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