I don't know about everyone else but my heater has already been running. The time of the year that I dread the most is right around the corner. I am contemplating buying a heated jacket as I have heard this is suppose to be our worst winter yet. Shout out to climate change and mother nature.The only part I look forward to is Christmas and winter break. Anyways I wanted to grace you with a list of 5 things I hate about winter and then 5 of my favorite winter memes. Here goes nothing.

1. "Fake Sweater"

The parts I dread the most is the cold and fake sweater. I just want to quickly give a rant on my loathe for "fake sweaters." I do not understand why it exists and needs to be abolished. I am still trying to figure out how its suppose to keep me warm. Anyways I get my sweater from the guys section, fingers crossed for that day when I actually match with a guy.

2. Snow

I hated winter so much that I was convinced that I was allergic to the cold and snow as a child. Now as an adult I simply hate it.

3. Snow removal

As a child, I do not know what I was on but I loved shoveling. My mom used to have to force me back into the house. Now, no one can find me when it is time to shovel. I have a few snow removal companies on speed dial.

4. Freezing Weather

I moved here from Africa as a child so the cold really took some getting used to. I still think I am not used to it even today. I do not know, me and the cold simply do not get along.

5. Driving

I already share a love-hate relationship with driving but during winter time it exacerbates. I usually try to avoid going outside for any reason.

Now to the memes. I relate to a lot of this on a personal level.

1. When it is not a state emergency

2. When you have to walk to work

3. South v. North

4. When everything is closed due to Snow in other states

5. Declaration of State of Emergency