Coffee Shops Are A Staple Of American Culture

Coffee Shops Are A Staple Of American Culture

People come for coffee, but why do they stay?


Coffee. With one simple word, a unique image, feeling, or perhaps even a craving is evoked in nearly everyone. For me, I equate coffee with productivity. When I know that I need to get work done, I treat myself to a big cup of joe to motivate me - and I'm sure the caffeine kick helps as well. Some associate coffee with social outings, while to others it is a necessity in the mornings. Coffee is an integral part of American culture.

It's no surprise that coffee shops are popular establishments. They have everything that modern society thrives on: coffee, pastries, WiFi, aesthetic, people, and productivity.

Who are the people that go to coffee shops? College students who need to do work. College students that need a break from work to socialize. Young professionals working on proposals. Moms that are looking for an excuse to leave the house. Retired people enjoying their free time. Anyone who is sleep-deprived and in desperate need of a boost.

What is it that attracts people to this establishment? The coffee is a pretty good starting point, but there has to be more. Perhaps the better question is why do people stay? They stay for the atmosphere: the smell, the energy, the design. They stay to be motivated: surrounded by others getting work done. They stay for the socialization: a chance to meet up with old friends or new acquaintances. They stay to be a part of the culture.

Coffee shops: it's just so easy to be in them. Whether you are a regular or it's your first time in the place, you don't feel out of place. If you want to be left alone, you can be. If you want to be in the company of others and have a conversation, that's cool, too.

Attracting people of all ages and backgrounds, it threads a common strand among people. Coffee shops tap into the core of humanity, reaching past categories of differentiations to exploit the similarities of humans past simply a shared favorite drink. Coffee is more than a drink. It is a gateway to an experience, whether you are conscious of it or not.

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4 Reasons Hydroflask Is The Superior Water Bottle, This Is Not Up For Debate

We all know the risk of dropping a Hydro Flask.


I am currently on my second Hydro Flask, third lid, and I have entered the sticker phase of owning a defense weapon that holds your water at pleasantly cool temperatures. Since getting my first Hydro Flask I feel as if I have a little companion. I never get thirsty, my pee is a color that my doctor would be proud of, and I get to leave class a lot because I pee so much. I think Hydro Flask is the best reusable water bottle to exist. Heck, of course, it is better than a plastic water bottle, making a Hydro Flask the best water bottle in the world.

1. Picking the correct size and color

Okay, when picking out a Hydro Flask on the company's website, you can customize your own vacuumed insulated stainless steel water bottle. There are 11 different sizes, 3 different lid options, and over 16 different colors. So the options are almost endless.

2. Your water is always fresh, always, I don't even want to argue

Yes, that was me on the floor in fetal position featuring my best friend, Hydro Flask.

Bre Andre

We all know that melting moment in the semester. Water is always strapped to my backpack and ready to support me through my struggles. I simply pull out my water bottle drink a little bit of water to replenish from crying over a missed assignment while I email my professor to apologize.

3. Opening a Hydro Flask or dropping it in public brings a lot of attention your way

Opening/closing your hydro flask be like. People turn their heads in class. God forbid you to drop it and make everyone jump and get real quiet. But it sounds a heck of a lot better than the crackling of a plastic water bottle and my water is not cold like Nalgene water bottles.

4. Will get dents but they are just decorations like your stickers

My friend Ricky and I showing each other our dented but decorated Hydro Flasks.

Abigail Cawthorn

You are going to drop your water bottle and it will dent. But the dent will not prevent your Hydro Flask from keeping your water fresh. It adds character and identity to your water bottle like the stickers you will eventually cover it with.

My friend Julia showing off her straw lid Hydro Flask.Abigail Cawthorn

Haley is thankful for her awesome green Hydro Flask it goes everywhere with her. Abigail Cawthorn

Allison does a great job of decorating her Hydro Flask. Abigail Cawthorn

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