Every once in a blue moon, you have an off day where you just don't feel like yourself.

Maybe you didn't quite get a grade you wanted, or you spilled something on yourself, or worse of all, you don't know. For me, I get off when I'm overly stressed or have a lot to think about.

Whether you're feeling off or just need something to do, ponder over these well-known activities and go give one a try, even if you "usually don't like that."

1. Tea

I'm honestly a little late to the tea game myself. I never really drank warm beverages besides the occasional hot chocolate in the winter, but this past year I was introduced to a certain tea. It was the Kusmi St. Petersburg Black Tea and I instantly fell in love with it. Since then I've expanded on my flavors but whenever I can, no matter the season, I make time for a cup of tea and I quick appreciation for it and myself.

2. Drawing/coloring

Even if you aren't very good, doodle. Google search an image you like online and try to recreate it yourself. If you don't want to do that, then just print off a blank picture of something and color it. Creativity is always an amazing outlet, and I bet you'll feel more accomplished than you think.

3. Music

Music is always something people tell you to calm down with but that's because it works. I just like to put on my favorite band or some really calming melodies and get lost in the sounds.

4. Your Favorite Movie

Even though you've watched it a thousand times, watch it again because it's your favorite for a reason. Whenever I don't know what to watch I somehow fall on "Beauty and the Beast," and although I can now mimic the script, I am never disappointed by the film.

5. A New Book

I know, I know, I've heard it forever: "I don't like reading." But I refuse to believe that. Everyone can learn to love reading, it's all about finding the right content, and sometimes the content may surprise you. I adore horses, they've been my favorite animal for my entire life, but I absolutely dread reading books that include them.

6. Tumble

This one is a little different but let me explain. Whenever you're stuck on homework or anything go and flop around. Do a handstand against the wall, do a somersault on the floor, jump across the couches and flop onto the cushions, it'll get your mind off whatever and probably make you laugh in the process.

7. Comfort food

Food, food, food. When does food not help?

8. Friends

Sometimes you really do just need the company of a friend however I would say to just make sure you aren't using company as an escape from your own mind. You can't always hide from your thoughts.

9. Driving

For those who have their license and access to a car, drive. Turn your music up or ride in silence, take a drive to nowhere, and find your way back. In my opinion everyone should do this around their area at least once, you may be surprised by the views you'll find so close to home that you never knew about.

10. Exercise

Believe me, I'm pretty lazy as well, but it is truly a good feeling once you know it was a good workout. When you've worked up the sweat and your muscles ache the next day, that's a good feeling.

I hope you find yourself moving out of bed and devoting yourself to something that isn't always a nap. Napping isn't always the best thing to do for your health. Yes, sleeping too much is bad.

So, get yourself up and moving, feeling good!