The Struggles Of Being Chronically Single (As Told by Cher From "Clueless")
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The Struggles Of Being Chronically Single (As Told by Cher From "Clueless")

Relationships? As if!

The Struggles Of Being Chronically Single (As Told by Cher From "Clueless")
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Do you find yourself writing off every single person who shows interest in you? Do you hesitate to go on dates? And when you do, do you always end up regretting it when it comes time for the awkward turn-down of date number two? You may not be sure what it is, but there's always that inexplicable something that holds you back from pursuing someone. If one or more of these ring a bell, then congratulations, my friend; you just might be chronically single. And who better to relay the struggles of the most noncommittal among us than Miss Cher herself?

1. Investing in someone isn't something to be taken lightly.

You don't want to end up with Mister Wrong, right? It seems reasonable enough to put off taking things to the next level when you consider everything that's at stake. If it doesn't work out, someone is going to end up with a broken heart, and that risk alone is enough to keep you from avoiding love with a 10-foot pole.

2. You over-analyze everything that involves the other person and end up psyching yourself out.

Over-analyzing can be the death of a relationship. What's even harder to justify is when it prevents a relationship from ever forming in the first place. When you process every little what-if and possible scenario, you only drive yourself crazy, and this can suck the enjoyment out of any developing romance.

3. You're actually more judgmental than you'd like to admit.

Let's face it: Most of us have shallow tendencies. We make split-second judgments based on a person's appearance and neglect to give someone a chance even though they could bring us more happiness than we know. It's hard to get past this way of thinking, but once you do, you'll begin to realize how many gems you've been writing off before giving them a chance over the years.

4. You're not quite sure why you keep finding a problem in every person who shows potential.

He's too immature. Too reckless. Too shy. Too cocky. People have their flaws, but you tend to resonate on that one thing that just drives you crazy about them. You don't want to feel this way; in fact, you hate being so picky, and wish you could just accept them in their entirety. But that seems all but impossible once you've discovered that one thing that just irks you. After all, how can you ignore it when it's part of who they are?

5. You tell yourself you just have really high standards when, in fact, you feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of being in a relationship.

Relationships can be intimidating, especially when you're not even sure what you're looking for. They take dedication, hard work and investment, which don't come easily when you aren't completely sold on the idea of even being in one. It can seem like a huge undertaking when you're on the outside looking in.

6. When you finally do fall for someone, you're hesitant about your feelings and try to stop them from growing by focusing only on the negatives.

You always fear the worst when starting to open up to someone (should I have told them that? Will they use this information against me?) You don't want to start investing in someone only to have them turn out to be the person you thought they weren't. You try to stifle any trace of feelings by remembering all the times you got your hopes up and were let down. Who wants to go through the same sad cycle over and over again?

7. You put too much pressure on yourself at the beginning of a prospective relationship and your moments of self-doubt prevent you from opening up.

Everyone wants to be liked and wanted. However, if all you do is stress about everything you do or say wrong, developing a new relationship is going to be scary rather than exciting. You can't let yourself be your own worst enemy when it comes to doubting who you are. Just embrace your flaws and recognize that, if the other person is worth it, they'll stick around when your human side comes out.

8. Whenever you do find someone, they're either taken, or...

It always seem as though, in the small world of people you're actually interested in, you always get the short end of the stick. McDreamy is dating some random chick who doesn't appreciate how awesome he is, or he's playing for another team you'd never tryout for. Talk about feeling totally clueless. Ba dum tsss.

9. You're just super awk and flirting is not your forté.

Well, you have to give yourself points for trying. But, every time you go to make a move on someone you find attractive, you find yourself stuttering, fumbling and somehow making a fool of yourself at the most crucial times. You feel as though, if your life was a movie, the entire audience would be cringing at your lack of ineptitude in the art of seduction.

10. You already have so much crap to deal with in your life that you don't want to dedicate your precious free time to someone else.

Classes, work, social life, sports, clubs, hobbies, family, projects,'re already trying to figure out how you manage to cram all of this and more (because food and sleep are also kind of essential, and it doesn't hurt to shower every once in a while) into your weekly schedule. You can't begin to imagine the toll being in a relationship would take on your free time and you only want to reserve that honor for the most deserving of VIPs. And that spot has to be earned.

11. Eventually, when you do find someone who makes you majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love, you'll learn to let go of your inhibitions and stop making excuses.

When Cher finally let Josh in and realized how well they went together, their mutual attraction blossomed into a relationship. They both recognized that the other had flaws, but they also accepted each other for who they were and learned to move past these flaws. Because of this, they created a healthy relationship full of encouragement that benefited both of them. Which, of course, is the true goal...right?

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