8 Pieces of Clothing Every College Student has in Their Closet

8 Pieces Of Clothing That Every College Student Has In Their Closet

Coming into college, I had no idea being a college student came with an unspoken uniform...


College students tend to dress in a pack mentality. In fact, even in a world without uniforms, there are several clothing items that almost every student owns. It may be the name brand or off brand version, but some variation of these staple clothing items eventually become a part of every young 20-something's wardrobe. Even if you don't come into college with them, these items sneak their way into everybody's closet. To save the complexity of trying to describe every style and variation of these college clothing icons, I'm choosing to stick to the name brand or original version of each of these fashion heavy hitters. Here are 8 clothing items that every college student eventually has in their closet:

1. That one professional outfit.



Unless you're a business student or close to graduating, I would be surprised if you had more than one. This is the outfit that was either a hand-me-down from a parent or was bought for cheap at either GoodWill, Target, or Khols. You wear it exclusively for interviews, job fairs, or big presentations. When you do have it wear it, it is basically a given that you're going home to put on the "Groutfit" (see item 7). It doesn't matter how uncomfortable you are though, because when you do wear it you look super adultish.

2. The generic college logo shirt you got for free at an event.

personal photo

Take your pick, I guarantee you have been given more than one. Is it your Welcome Week t-shirt? Did you volunteer or join an organization? Free sporting event giveaway? Did you fill out a survey? Did you randomly walk into the library on the right day? Well, congratulations! You now have a free t-shirt. It probably has either the name of your university, a cheesy saying related to your university or a picture of your mascot cheaply screen printed onto it. Regardless, you lazily wear this shirt at least once a week, whether you want to admit it or not.

3. Birkenstocks.



Or the off-brand equivalent. Need to slide on shoes to walk to the class you're late for? Birks. Need to take out the trash? Birks. Need to look nice for class? Fancy Birks. Basically, Birks go with anything, and are really, really comfortable. So comfortable, a whole generation is willing to look over the fact that they look like Jesus-sandals.

4. Uggs.




Is it too cold for your Birks? Then move on to Uggs, or your other variation of furry boots. Perfect for walking across campus in a blizzard when they should have canceled classes but didn't. Dress them up with jeans and a sweater, or dress them down with leggings and a sweatshirt. If you don't want full boots, I'm sure someone you know will let you borrow their moccasins or slippers.

5. Flannels.




Perfect for when it's too hot for a coat and too chilly for just a shirt. You can tie them around your waist when you're hot without looking like a 5-year-old, but you can also wear them over a shirt and still avoid the fashion police. Comes in various levels of warmth and even more various colors

6. The "going-out" outfit.

personal photo

Similar to the professional outfit, but for the exact opposite occasion. Generally, includes some form of tight-fitting top and/or jersey, and depending on the time of year you can pair with leggings, skirt, shorts, or jeans. In reality, the top is most likely what makes the outfit and it's something you most likely hide in the bottom of your closet when you move home in the summer.

7. The "Groutfit".



So you woke up five minutes before a class that is a ten-minute walk away. Cue the "Groutfit." For anyone who doesn't know a "Groutfit" is an all grey outfit (which you could have likely slept in if you could have foreseen these circumstances, which should never actually leave the confines of the dorm room, generally consisting of an oversized t-shirt, baggy sweats, and whatever shoes you can throw on in the least amount of time. (Looking at you Birks!) Throw the hair into a messy bun and quickly grab your books and you're good to go.

8. A set of color-and-brand-coordinating work out gear.



While this outfit can vary in appearance, everyone has it regardless of whether they realize it or not. This outfit can have a variety of purposes. You can wear it to class when you're too lazy to look actually cute but don't want to go full "Groutfit." It is also perfect for when you plan on going to the gym, but are self-conscious about who you might actually see while you're there. Worn most often to instructed work-out sessions or Monday classes.

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Top 5 Best Dress Websites To Shop At

These websites are sure to help you find what you're looking for!

It's that time of year again! With prom, sorority/fraternity formals, weddings, and graduation parties all coming up there are so many different reasons you'll need to go shopping for a new dress. However, dress shopping can be stressful and with so many different stores/websites available it can the experience extremely overwhelming. Below I have narrowed down the top five best websites to shop at that will be sure to meet all your dress needs:

1. Tobi

Tobi is one of my favorite dress websites! The site offers a wide variety of dress options at very affordable prices. Every time I have ordered a dress from Tobi I have been able to get it for half of the original price listed. Anytime I need to buy a dress, Tobi is the first website I go to.

2. Boohoo

Boohoo is a global fashion retailer offering thousands of styles across both menswear and womenswear. Out of all five of these websites, Boohoo's clothing is the least expensive option. On top of their already low prices, Boohoo is always offering discount codes on their website for up to 50% off.

3. Lulus

Though Lulus is the most expensive of the five websites, in my opinion, their products are of the highest quality. Both of the dresses I have ordered from this site were made with thick material and fit true to size. If you have the money saved up, I highly recommend buying a dress from this website.

4. Missguided

Missguided is a website that I have recently become familiar with and is the best website to shop at if you are in need of a more formal dress. There is even a section for affordable prom dresses! The best part about this website is that they always offer a student discount.

5. Showpo

Disclaimer: I haven't actually ordered anything from this site myself, however, a lot of my friends swear by Showpo. The online boutique offers a unique product variety offering clothing options you can't find elsewhere. Every time I have worn anything from the site, I have always received compliments. The only downside of Showpo is that it takes longer than other websites to ship their products to the United States because the company is based in Australia.

These websites are sure to help you find what you're looking for!

Cover Image Credit: milbprospective

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The Faces And Future Of Sustainability In The Fashion Industry

The science is unanimous: climate change is real, and it's only getting worse.


While the conversation surrounding climate change is often plagued by alarmist statements and perilous precautions, there is a practical and hopeful narrative that can be found in its solutions. As much finger pointing as society likes to do, the causes of climate change would take all ten fingers and more to point out the root issues. One of the culprits that hit closest to home is the fashion industry. As an aspiring design major, I've been directly faced with the reality of the industry's harmful habits. Quick turnaround, high demand, and evolving expectations make the production environment very complex to navigate at the least.

Although the fashion industry caters to just about 7 billion people, it doesn't excuse companies, brands, and labels from producing at the expense of our world. Despite the long-held attitude of indifference towards its side-effects; as of late, climate science has left no choice for the industry but to change course. The science has made it evident that we've run out of time to be apathetic; action must be taken, and it must be taken now.

Enter the side of the climate change conversation that's introduced a variety of initiatives to promote change. Whether it's recycling ocean plastic into tennis shoes like Adidas, using up waste fabrics from larger companies like Zero Waste Daniel, or Kate Hudson's Happy x Nature, which has been developed from sustainable materials, the fashion industry is venturing into a greener future.

Adidas first announced its plans to create a sneaker from recycled ocean plastic in 2015, "Parley for the Oceans." Since the release of their first tennis shoe four years ago, they sold 5 million pairs in 2018, and they're aiming to turn out 11 million pairs in 2019. Ocean plastic is a huge threat to marine life, and it's not enough to just stockpile it in a landfill. Adidas's product development team cleverly provided a solution for at least some of that plastic. What's great about the shoe, too, is that it retails right around the price point of most of their other styles at around $130.

Alongside Adidas's recycling, Zero Waste Daniel, a designer based in Brooklyn, NY, has made it his mission to use excess fabric scraps from the industry in his own designs. Using a number of techniques, Daniel combines these remnants into new fabrics, fashions them into appliqués or mosaics, or creates whole garments. Alarmingly enough, it's reported that about 21 billion pounds of waste textiles are going to the dump from the US alone. By gathering up the leftovers from other companies, his products are helping to prevent the wastes from continuing to end up in landfills.

Although not made from reused fabrics, Kate Hudson's latest fashion venture, Happy x Nature, is produced solely from sustainable materials. The fibers of the fabrics are made from recyclables like plastic bottles, and the packaging is stated to be biodegradable. Not only is the new line eco-friendly, but it's also relatively affordable with prices ranging from $45 to $150. Let me tell you, Hudson really knocked it out of the park with this concept. I've browsed through the pieces and have fallen in love with the majority. The pieces are seriously adorable and so trendy, but the biggest seller is that I can feel good about purchasing them.

While recycling ocean plastic and sourcing waste fabrics are important strides in the right direction, consumers play an enormous role in this issue. For any of these initiatives to work, there must be consumer demand at the other end of the product. Companies and brands need to see potential consumers for greener products in order to place such products on the market. As such, as consumers, we should reevaluate our own shopping habits in regards to the apparel industry. We must take accountability for how much we purchase, how often we purchase, and how we manage the clothes after we've bought them. Our demands as customers must also align with the push for greener production and shopping patterns.


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