8 Pieces Of Clothing That Every College Student Has In Their Closet

8 Pieces Of Clothing That Every College Student Has In Their Closet

Coming into college, I had no idea being a college student came with an unspoken uniform...


College students tend to dress in a pack mentality. In fact, even in a world without uniforms, there are several clothing items that almost every student owns. It may be the name brand or off brand version, but some variation of these staple clothing items eventually become a part of every young 20-something's wardrobe. Even if you don't come into college with them, these items sneak their way into everybody's closet. To save the complexity of trying to describe every style and variation of these college clothing icons, I'm choosing to stick to the name brand or original version of each of these fashion heavy hitters. Here are 8 clothing items that every college student eventually has in their closet:

1. That one professional outfit.



Unless you're a business student or close to graduating, I would be surprised if you had more than one. This is the outfit that was either a hand-me-down from a parent or was bought for cheap at either GoodWill, Target, or Khols. You wear it exclusively for interviews, job fairs, or big presentations. When you do have it wear it, it is basically a given that you're going home to put on the "Groutfit" (see item 7). It doesn't matter how uncomfortable you are though, because when you do wear it you look super adultish.

2. The generic college logo shirt you got for free at an event.

personal photo

Take your pick, I guarantee you have been given more than one. Is it your Welcome Week t-shirt? Did you volunteer or join an organization? Free sporting event giveaway? Did you fill out a survey? Did you randomly walk into the library on the right day? Well, congratulations! You now have a free t-shirt. It probably has either the name of your university, a cheesy saying related to your university or a picture of your mascot cheaply screen printed onto it. Regardless, you lazily wear this shirt at least once a week, whether you want to admit it or not.

3. Birkenstocks.



Or the off-brand equivalent. Need to slide on shoes to walk to the class you're late for? Birks. Need to take out the trash? Birks. Need to look nice for class? Fancy Birks. Basically, Birks go with anything, and are really, really comfortable. So comfortable, a whole generation is willing to look over the fact that they look like Jesus-sandals.

4. Uggs.




Is it too cold for your Birks? Then move on to Uggs, or your other variation of furry boots. Perfect for walking across campus in a blizzard when they should have canceled classes but didn't. Dress them up with jeans and a sweater, or dress them down with leggings and a sweatshirt. If you don't want full boots, I'm sure someone you know will let you borrow their moccasins or slippers.

5. Flannels.




Perfect for when it's too hot for a coat and too chilly for just a shirt. You can tie them around your waist when you're hot without looking like a 5-year-old, but you can also wear them over a shirt and still avoid the fashion police. Comes in various levels of warmth and even more various colors

6. The "going-out" outfit.

personal photo

Similar to the professional outfit, but for the exact opposite occasion. Generally, includes some form of tight-fitting top and/or jersey, and depending on the time of year you can pair with leggings, skirt, shorts, or jeans. In reality, the top is most likely what makes the outfit and it's something you most likely hide in the bottom of your closet when you move home in the summer.

7. The "Groutfit".



So you woke up five minutes before a class that is a ten-minute walk away. Cue the "Groutfit." For anyone who doesn't know a "Groutfit" is an all grey outfit (which you could have likely slept in if you could have foreseen these circumstances, which should never actually leave the confines of the dorm room, generally consisting of an oversized t-shirt, baggy sweats, and whatever shoes you can throw on in the least amount of time. (Looking at you Birks!) Throw the hair into a messy bun and quickly grab your books and you're good to go.

8. A set of color-and-brand-coordinating work out gear.



While this outfit can vary in appearance, everyone has it regardless of whether they realize it or not. This outfit can have a variety of purposes. You can wear it to class when you're too lazy to look actually cute but don't want to go full "Groutfit." It is also perfect for when you plan on going to the gym, but are self-conscious about who you might actually see while you're there. Worn most often to instructed work-out sessions or Monday classes.

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Why I Canceled My VIP Fabletics Membership

I was a VIP member with Fabletics for a year and I canceled the membership. Read on to get the inside scoop on quality, customer service, and why I ultimately canceled my membership.

Fabletics is the online subscription athleisure line launched by Kate Hudson in 2013 that mimics the styles of Lululemon products but for a much more affordable price. At first glance, the products claim that their retail value is about the same as any Lululemon product- but there's always a catch, am I right? The deal with Fabletics is that if you subscribe to be a VIP member, you get ridiculous discounts and supposed savings. I'll go over how Fabletics works, my experience with various aspects of the company and the products, and why I ultimately canceled my membership with the brand.

How it works

If you go to the Fabletics website, you'll begin membership by taking a style quiz. One of the services that Fabletics offers is that outfits will be curated for you by a stylist based on your responses to the initial quiz. Products and outfits suggested ought to represent your size, style, and functional requirements. A collection of new "outfits" is updated every month, but you are not forced to choose any of these particular styles as you can roam freely through the website to find a product that you feel suits you well.

Once you either chose to buy an outfit (usually composed of two to three items) or a single item, proceed to checkout, pay, and your new products are shipped.

Most of the benefits and discounted prices only come with the VIP Membership which I will explain below.

With the VIP Membership, you get up to 50% off retail prices, gain points that you can later redeem for small items (they only started this recently), accrue a store credit, and cancel at any time. But, as with everything, there's a catch. Since this is a subscription service, you are expected to buy something every month- kinda.

When your new outfits are collected and open to view on the first day of each month, you can browse/select one that you want to purchase or look at individual items under other categories. If you don’t shop or “Skip the Month” by the 5th, your credit card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th until you cancel.

That charge can be used as a credit to spend or save. What they don’t tell you is that if you build up a few monthly credits, you can only use each "$49.95 credit" one purchase at a time. So even if they have taken $90.90 out of your bank account, you cannot spend it all at once.

You may say, "Oh well just make two separate purchases then." Buuuuut then you run into issues with hitting the minimum price to qualify for free shipping- and the shipping price was ridiculous. Plus, when you get your package, it’s in a non-descript black plastic bag that is usually crammed into your mailbox.

The styles

I always used to get compliments on my Fabletics leggings and tops. With mesh details and cool cut-outs, there was nothing not to love. High-waisted styles gave just the right tightness to feel controlled but comfortable, and every pair of leggings gave me that "hugged" sensation. Styles and color schemes rivaled those of Lululemon for a fraction of the cost. Sounds great- and it was.

As time went on, the styles were almost all patterned with odd splotchy and bright colors or large, overbearing prints that didn't match anything. Even when new styles were just released, they never had my size in the few colors that I liked or any that were the right length for my short little legs. It came to the point where I was desperately searching for a few styles that I half-way liked and then I would click on them and hope that they had my size (which they usually didn't). I had rarely had these problems when I had first signed up. Needless to say- I was no longer impressed.

Why I canceled

The new styles may work for some other ladies, and if you can rock it- props to you! But Fabletics' new patterns and styles just weren't for me and didn't fit my style anymore.

The style changes along with the sizing headaches, and the fact that $50 was being taken out of my account whether I received a product or not, were all factors in my decision to cancel my VIP Membership.

In addition, the owners of Fabletics started all these other lines for men, kids, shoes, bags and ahhhh! There was pressure to buy from these other lines and to save here and there and everywhere or combine this and that and wooooo...just too much going on. I don't have kids, or a guy I buy clothes for, and I do not need any other incentive to buy shoes, clothes, or purses- I'm already fighting those urges. :)

I also started seeing ads for Fabletics everywhere offering new members these ridiculously good deals. That's great and all, but Fabletics didn't really offer any deals like that at all to maintain current members. Even with the emails I received, there were these ridiculously good deals on all these things that no one wanted, had awful reviews or were only in odd sizes. It became so gimmicky to me and I personally didn't feel like a valued customer.

The cancellation Process

Once I decided to cancel, I tried calling and had a hard time working through the menus to actually talk to a person. So I turned to the live-chat feature that pops up on the website.

My biggest concern was that I had two member credits and I wanted to know if they would be voided with no refund if I canceled, if I needed to try to spend the store credit before I canceled, or if I could get that money back without having to buy something I didn't like.

Once I explained my questions to the agent on the live chat, she of course suggested that I use my member credits on products before canceling and that she would give me some percent off or something and I remember responding, "can't you just put the money back on my card? The current styles just aren't for me and there is nothing that I'm interested in that you have in my size." Luckily, the agent responded that she would transfer those credits back to my account and warned that it would take a few days for the money to show up.

I will have to say, whoever was helping me with the live-chat seemed very concerned with making sure I had a positive interaction and apologized profusely for the reasons that led me to cancel. She handled this very well. I walked away a happy customer because I honestly thought that the money that was automatically charged those few months that I forgot to skip was long gone and she did the right thing of returning it to my account. I was impressed with this aspect of my experience.

Bottom line...

All in all, I would recommend signing up for the VIP Membership IF you browse the available styles and like them, and if you are willing to really keep up with your "skips" and membership credits. For me, the new direction that the company is going with their styles isn't a good fit and I personally struggle to find styles that I like in my sizes.

I did make many satisfying purchases with Fabletics over my time as a VIP Member and for a good stretch of time, I was a very happy customer and fan of Fabletics products. Unfortunately, the styles are changing and I have gotten so busy and tired that I constantly forget to "skip the month" when I don't see anything I like and it just isn't something I personally think is worth the money for me right now. But for many of you, it may be the perfect time to sign up! It just depends on your style preferences and your ability to regulate your spending on the site.

They have lowered the shipping cost if your purchase is under the minimum, they have started the membership points program, and they have increased their customer service team and reduced phone wait times. Plus, while I was verifying information for this article, I browsed through the new July styles and I'll have to say, I really like a lot of the new items. So perhaps Fabletics is trying to improve and maintain their older clientele while also appealing to other, new clients with other styles. All I can say is that I wish the company all the best and I hope that they can regain lost customers and expand into new areas of fashion.

I hope that this helps you make an informed decision about becoming a Fabletics VIP Member and that you find an athletic wear line that is best for you!

Cover Image Credit: Fabletics Campaign

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5 Times Women's Outfits Meant More Than Cute Shoes

Donald Trump's tie had nothing on these styles.


For those that watched the State of the Union this year (or even just saw photos), you might have been surprised when the camera panned to the audience to see almost half the room wearing all white. Women of the Democratic party donned these white outfits to pay homage to the Suffragettes of the early 1900s and send a strong message about gender equality, in politics and beyond. This move gives us a perfect opportunity to take a look through some of the other times in history where women's outfits spoke to more than just fashion.

1. State of the Union Address (2019)

It was a statement impossible to miss, and that was exactly the point. This coordinated visual tribute to the Suffragettes of the early 1900s (more on that later) was a moving sight that made much more of a political statement than any navy pantsuit ever could have.

2. Suffragette Movement (1915)

The inspiration for the State of the Union dress code this year, in the early 1900s during the Suffragette Movement, women fighting for the right to vote wore all white (sometimes with purple or gold sashes) during their marches to stand out in photographs printed in newspapers. This strategy worked just as well for the Democratic women in 2019 as it did in 1915 as the pure white pantsuits stood out against the sea of navy plaguing the audience.

3. Pink pussy hats (2016)

Appearing most notably at various Women's Marches following the election of Donald Trump, the signature pink pussy hat is a symbol of support and solidarity for women's rights. Regardless of how in the loop you are with feminism, if you see these hats, you know what message the wearers are standing for.

4. Time's Up black dress movement (2018)

We're all familiar with the much needed (and long overdue) #TimesUp movement, calling out sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace. At the 2018 Golden Globes, the women (and men) of Hollywood made a statement by showing up dressed in all black, some even donning pins.

5. "The Handmaid's Tale" protests (2018)

The classic red and white robes have become a feminist symbol since the release of the widely popular "The Handmaid's Tale" in 2017. In Philadelphia in July of 2018, hundreds of women took to the streets dressed in the garb to protest the visit of Vice President Mike Pence. In London, women sported the robes upon Donald Trump's visit, protesting him and his notorious anti-women administration.

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