Carrying a range of sizes that extends from size small into 2XL or 3XL has become customary for almost every brand. It is important that brands' size ranges go beyond a listing of just small, medium or large in order to cater to people who like clothes to be baggier or for people who need clothes that big.

However, I've noticed, throughout my many years of being a small person that nobody really caters to the extra small people as much as the extra large people.

Sure, shopping in the children's departments is always an option ... if it weren't for the fact that children's clothes are simply not made the way that adult clothing is. The cuts of children's jeans are not made for a body that has gone through puberty, same with dresses, shirts and shorts. The list could go on.

Children's clothes are smaller, yes, but they often have subtle differences in the ways they're made that do not accommodate for breasts or a butt that's bigger than a child's. To be fair, this makes sense since they're made for children, but I shouldn't have to rely on buying children's clothing to fill my closet with clothing that suits my body type.

Since I can't rely on children's clothes in all shapes and sizes to suit my petite body, you'd think I could shop in petite sections in stores, right? Wrong.

Petite sections are largely catered to older women, at least that's how it is at all the stores near me if they even actually sell petite clothing in the first place. Perhaps in a larger city, this is not the case. However, for the largely rural American population, petite sections for petite young adults simply do not exist.

Buying jeans or pants outside of the children's section is also a nightmare. Tall people are lucky. They want jeans in any size, but longer, and they can find them easily. Are they still too short? That's OK, extra long exists, too!

Short people don't get the same luxury. We want to buy jeans in any size, but shorter. Luckily, many stores have begun to sell jeans in short lengths. Are they still too long? The solution could be extra-short jeans. But, those aren't a thing. (Actually, American Eagle just started selling extra short jeans, finally!)

A lot of affordable fashion items on Amazon range from size small through 2XL or higher, but I know that these items will be too big for me most of the time. Why are there no extra small sizes? This is the case at many smaller stores and boutiques, too. People just don't carry extra small clothing, and it's the biggest struggle.

Don't even get me started on buying bras or swimsuits.

The thing is, at the end of it all, I'm not even that small. Yes, I am small, but I know several other people my age who are smaller than I am. I still can't figure out how they buy clothes that fit if I'm struggling and I'm bigger than them.

Brands need to begin to recognize both ends of the spectrum. There are people who exist beyond the traditional boundaries of the small, medium, large and extra large size range. Make clothes to suit those sizes, and I can guarantee people will buy them.