My Clothing Does Not Determine If I Want To Have Sex

The Georgia heat is wild, it is suffocating, deadly, and will make you sweat within four seconds of walking out of the door. During the summer I love wearing my tiny little tops, short shorts, and occasionally going out without a bra on- gotta air out the girls, ya feel? But, I am sometimes scared of wearing whatever I choose because of the looks I get or the negative comments that spill out of the mouths from the people that drive by. While I see nothing wrong with showing skin, and a little bit of the cheeks, it apparently is an issue - especially for the girls that get raped or harassed while modeling their clothes.

"She was asking for it, I mean did you see what she was wearing." "She was practically throwing herself at me, and did you see her ass in those shorts? Bro I had to tap, she was begging for it." LOL, WHAT? If you say anything of that sort, umm stop. My clothing does not consent for me, my tiny shorts does not contain a voice box, and most certainly my cheeks did not say, "Smack me!" It does not matter what a girl wears, she is not asking for some creep to harass her nor TOUCH her in any form. It is disgusting and extremely sexist. When I see a boy showing off those tiny little booty shorts, the ones so tight I can see the outline of their dick - yeah those, I do not say, "Damn baby, lemme see how nice it looks from the outside of those shorts." I also do not touch him and mention the idea of how I want to see if that outline was truly doing him justice. GROSS.

Also, if I am out with my girls and you holler/ whistle at me from that lifted truck expect me to pay zero attention to that "daddy's money, gas guzzling, baby girl," thing of yours - and better yet, expect me NOT to pay attention to you either. What happened to respect? What happened to checking out girls and politely coming over to them providing a compliment - and not a sexual slur? C'mon society, let's get it together - ASAP!

Ladies should feel comfortable in anything they wear, I mean damn it is already difficult for girls to feel comfortable in their own skin without the fear of judgment. Women deal with the vicious crime of rape and harassment daily, DAILY. If a woman is willing to open up about an instance of her being attacked, DO NOT SAY IT WAS HER FAULT. For the love of GOD!!! Do not tell her that she was asking for it because of what she is wearing. LMAO and y'all wonder why females do not speak up about their assaults.

It should not matter what a girl wears, she could be walking around naked - that does not mean she is asking for anything to happen to her. We should show all females, and males as well, with respect regardless of what they are wearing. Do not touch someone, harass, or force sex on them based on their wardrobe - your mama should have taught you better than that. Ladies, keep showing those cheeks and nipples - but also pack that pepper spray in case someone wants to act up.

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