A Closed Letter To Cancer
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A Closed Letter To Cancer

I just need to know why.

A Closed Letter To Cancer


I hate absolutely everything about you; I hate what you embody, I hate the destruction you cause, and I hate that sometimes there is nothing that can kill you. I have so many questions about you, but first I just need to know one thing: why?

Why do you even exist?

Scientifically, I understand how and why--gene mutations brought on by hundreds of different causes--but really, why do you exist? All you do is cause immense pain, sadness, discouragement, anger, and heartbreak. You destroy almost everything you touch... almost. There is one thing you cannot destroy, and that is the hope that one day there will be a way to defeat you completely and rid the world of your death grip.

The problem with you, Cancer, is that you do not discriminate between age groups, races, socio-economic backgrounds, geographic areas, etc. You do not hesitate to attack your unsuspecting victims, even when they are begging for their life. The children, teenagers, and adults who are fighting for their lives against you want you gone more than anything in the world and so do their families.

I am writing this letter because I just really don't understand you. Why isn't this an open letter to you, Cancer? Because I don't want this to be an open invitation for you to continuously walk in and out of my life, my friends lives, and everyone who has been affected by your relentless demeanor. I do not wish you the best. I absolutely do not hope you are doing well and thriving. I definitely do not wish you are thinking of me as much as I have to think of you.

Cancer, I want you gone, demolished, completely extinguished from existence. You have caused too much suffering and taken too many lives to continue on your path. We will find a cure, we will find a way to cut you off completely, and we--every man, women, and child that has experienced anguish and anger because of you--will throw a party when we finally hear the words "[you] are cancer free" because then, in that instance, you no longer have control over our lives.

Cancer, I don't wish you the best, I don't hope you think of me from time to time, and I don't want to ever see you again. Your time is coming to an end, and I want you to know that my anger, humanities anger, toward you will just fuel the fire of fundraising efforts, research, and scientific breakthroughs.

I will walk, run, fight, and cheer so you are unable to take any more lives. That's a promise.

With no love at all,

Someone Who Wants To Change The World




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