26 Classic Moves All Cat Owners Will Recognize

Cats are known for their attitudes and sass, not for being "man's best friend" like dogs are, but cat people appreciate them for that and love them even when they're being a royal pain. Everyone knows that there are certain "Classic Cat Moves" that are relatively universal for the entire cat species. Here are some of the classics:

1. The "My Child"

This is a wake-up call and a bath all rolled into one.

2. The "Gotta Catch 'Em All"

The Cat Oath: "I swear that I will not rest until I catch everything whether it is a ball on TV or a laser."

3. The "Bloated Raccoon"

4. The "Mmmbopper"

5. The "Oxygen Suppressor"

"You didn't need to breathe, right? Good. I'm just going to lay on your windpipe, then."

6. The "This is Not the Bowl You Are Looking For"

7. The "Rapid Fire

8. The "FML"

The look of pure disgust says it all...

9. The "I Can't Feel My Face When I'm...Drinking Out of Your Glass"

10. The "Hanging Out" and the "Slipping Through the Cracks"

11. The "Sneak Attack"

It's almost like a reverse Whack-A-Mole game.

12. The "What's Yours is Mine"

13. The "Oh, You Weren't Working on That, Were You?"

14. The "Clearing the Table"

15. The "Don't Question Me"

16. The "Slip Sliding Away"

17. The "Don't Stand So Close to Me"

"You think I'm just going to sit here for your ridiculous picture? Think again!"

18. The "Anything Can Be a Bed If You Try Hard Enough"

19. The "Failure to Launch"

"The rocket boosters are failing! I repeat, the boosters are failing!"

20. The "Too Lazy to Walk"

21. The "Don't Push Me"

"You're lucky my human would be upset if something happened to you..."

22. The "Slipping Through the Cracks Pt. 2"

23. The "I Like Your Face"

24. The "Hold Me Close"

25. The "Professional Sleeper"

26. The "Stay With Me"

"My human has returned from college. I will never let her leave again."

Only cat people can truly appreciate these sassy felines. Cats have such attitudes that most people don't see the love they really have for those that take care of them and show them affection, and those cat people will find these classic cat moves all the more relatable.

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