My Christmas List for Society
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My Christmas List for Society

I'm not asking Santa's elves to make something, I'm asking You to do something

My Christmas List for Society

Every year kids are asked to write a Christmas list for Santa. I have read a few Christmas listed that come through my work for families that will receive gifts from charity this year. Yes, there are plenty of toys on these lists, but there are also cloths, winter outer ware, books, and art supplies. There are plenty of kids and adults that when they think about their Christmas list it includes things they need, and deserve but can’t afford rather than things they simply want. My Christmas list consists of far too many things I need I haven’t let myself think about what I want. But in all reality I don’t want things I can buy.

There are many people poor and struggling in our society, and there are many people afraid that more and more people will found themselves struggling to live in this country. Trump scares many of us, with his racisms, sexism and well, meanness. I don’t want things of monetary value, or world peace, just society to put in a little effort so we don’t have to fear the bad influence a role model like Donald Trump can have on members of our society.

1.Extend the Holiday Giving spirit year-round and everyone take notice.

You don’t have to donate only when some guy in a Sant a suit is ringing an annoying bell in your face. People are struggling during every season. Are we still kids that believe can be threatened that Santa is watching so we behave better as the Holiday approaches.

2.Don’t let Trump influence your morals, or make you stop talking politics out of frustration.

We need to talk politics. People need to be informed in order to make wise decisions, like to vote against Trump next time. Although, disagreeing about politics can leaded to heated discussions, they teach people the other side of their opinions and could change their views.

3.Work hard against the racism that sadly still exists.

People of color, immigrants, Native Americans, Syrian Refugees, and Middle Eastern Muslims are just a few of the minority groups that are fears, judged and insulted most out the time out of ignorance. It is time society educate itself, because all these groups are tolerated but, your ignorance is not.

4.Speak out against sexism, victim blaming, slut shaming, and domestic or dating violence.

When we have a term in society “RAPE CULTURE”, a social media site “meninists”, and a need for more victim resources for those who were abused by a boyfriend or husband, we know we have some serious issues. We need to stop being bystanders and to speak out and speak up when it comes to their issues. Rape shouldn’t be something 1 in 4 women experience to earn a degree. We shouldn’t have people insulting women in society with claims such as “women belong in the kitchen”. Clothing should be personified to ask for rape. And individuals should not be trapped in abusive relationships because there is no one there to help them escape and rebuild themselves.

5.Stop pushing outdated social norms on individuals. Homosexuality may be what you are comfortable with but it is not a requirement by society.

Somehow there are still people speaking against LGBTQ rights. We need to silence or re-educate to individuals that insults and degrade individuals because of their sexual orientations. We need to stop hating each other because of simple who we are. There are kids homeless because they are gay, bi, or trans but some adults think it is more important to protest gay marriage than give innocent kids a safe home.

Let’s not wait till New Years to make empty promises to be better people. I’m asking you, society, for some effort in these departments from Christmas. Let’s start thinking and acting now.

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