15 Christmassy Date Ideas Based On Your Love Language
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15 Christmassy Date Ideas To Unwrap With Your Partner, Based On Your Love Language

Really get in the holiday spirit.

15 Christmassy Date Ideas To Unwrap With Your Partner, Based On Your Love Language

Gary Chapman's book about relationships, "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts," has become a best-seller, selling over 11 million copies in English and consistently ranking in the top 5 books on "The New York Times" best-sellers list, claiming the No. 1 spot on multiple occasions.

The concept behind the 5 love languages is that people have a primary way to express love out of the 5 general languages: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, it's arguably one of the best times of the year to show someone how much you care in a variety of ways, so why not place an emphasis on date ideas based on your love language — and your partner's? Here are a few Christmassy date ideas for you to consider based on just that:

Receiving Gifts

  • Buy them a Christmas-themed gift. If your partner is always full of holiday cheer then they'll more than likely appreciate a gift like a snow globe, Christmas socks, Christmas-themed sex toy, etc. If you can't decide on one item, make them a personalized gift basket.
  • Create an artistic sex date. This festive date idea has two parts. First, decorate the bedroom with flower petals, candles, LED strip lights, etc. to set the mood. Then as you and your partner have sex, you can capture some of the moments by using a Polaroid camera (with their consent, of course). Then once you've taken enough photos, assemble them into scrapbook and give it to your partner to look back on the aesthetically pleasing photos of the two of you during some of your most intimate moments.
  • Surprise them with a romantic wine tasting. Whether it be at a vineyard or your local restaurant, wine tasting is considered an art to some. Plus during the winter, a date idea that will help you both stay warm is the most ideal.

Quality Time

  • Christmas themed pop-up bar. Nothing says quality time like hanging out at a bar known for decking the halls with over-the-top holiday accessories, special drinks in Santa mugs, and holiday film-related decor.
  • Visit a Christmas market. Inspired by German origins, seasonal Christmas markets serve classic delicacies such as bratwurst, mulled wine and hot chocolate. Experiencing the bright lights, crowded stalls, vintage items and the Christmas atmosphere this winter with your partner is a must-do activity!
  • Attend a Zoo-lights festival. View a gorgeous display of holiday lights at the zoo along with themed displays, holiday treats, ice sculpture carvings and much more to get you in the holiday spirit!

Words of Affirmation

  • Listen to their winter vacation desires and execute a plan. Ask them what would be their dream vacation. Then surprise them by recreating that vacation in your city. This shows that you hear them and want to make their dreams come true.
  • Create a heartfelt video with a voice-over and put it on display. It's one thing to verbally express your feelings for someone, but it's another thing to make it public. After creating a heartfelt video of your favorite holiday moments with your partner, post it on your social media for the world to, and don't forget the sappy captions!
  • Watch romantic Christmas movies. If you find it hard to express your feelings verbally, but words of affirmation is your partner's primary love language then watch romantic Christmas-themed movies together and point out the parts that remind you of you two's relationships. This will help show that you care in a way that comes off more natural and less forced if you don't have a way with words.

Acts of Service

  • Hot chocolate and chill date. Set up a hot chocolate bar for them and give them a cozy blanket and slippers for added measure.
  • Collaborate on a festive project. If you've noticed that your partner is generally the one who takes the lead when it comes to decorating the house during the holidays and planning out the festive parties you both host, step up this time around and take control of the planning.
  • Paint them naked... wearing nothing except a Christmas hat.

Physical Touch

  • Go Ice-skating. Whether you're practically a seasoned ice-skating champ or beginner, holding hands while ice-skating makes for the perfect cliche winter date.
  • Have a romantic spa night at home. Get a babysitter or put the kids to bed and draw an aromatherapy bath to take together and give each other sensual massages. I think all the husbands would enjoy this one!
  • Cozy up together at an igloo bar. Enjoy your favorite panoramic rooftop views by hovering together at restaurants and bars that have installed igloo-like domes on their rooftops or patios.

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