5 Food Network Holiday Shows You Must Binge-Watch

Since the holidays are around the corner, finals are rounding down and home is only a countdown away, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite holiday baking shows, brought to you by Food Network!

1. Holiday Baking Championship

Because who doesn't like timed, challenging and anxiety-ridden baking shows? also, I can work on my decorating skills from professionals, right?? riiiiiight…

2. Christmas Cookie Challenge

Honestly am I here more for the actual cookie competition or that fine host Eddie Jackson who makes me so inclined to binge?

3. Pioneer Women

Okay, so I know this one isn't exactly "holiday food network shows", but like…can we just talk about the epic cookie, pie and cakes this woman can make?! I'm asking for her to come to MY house, for Christmas; or Eddie Jackson still I don't know psh. Also, who doesn't enjoy a kick ass lady chef?

4. Holiday Gingerbread Competition

This show is honestly a little weird to me because these people really can bake some flame gingerbread houses. One person honestly was in college, and if I could manage anywhere close to their gingerbread skills…WHILE LIVING IN THE DORMS; I would be a different woman

5. Last but certainly not least, we have GINGERBREAD GIANTS

This one is insane to me, because how do people stack those perfectly created gingerbread blocks on top of one another, with ease? Like, this baker and his team really make this look like I could do this on my own sometime!!! You know, like if I could bake more than a few pathetically decorated and flavored sugar cookies or whatever

But hey!! If Food Network isn't your thing, I know Freeform, Hallmark and even Lifetime has something seasonal for you!!!

AND!!! If you had finals exams and projects due this week, and your brain feels like it has been hit by a Santa's sleigh, don't worry!! Christmas is right around the corner, which means the Christmas feast and other glorious traditions you hold!!!

Merry Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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