25 TV Show Holiday Episodes College Kids HAVE To Re-Watch Every Year
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25 TV Show Holiday Episodes College Kids HAVE To Re-Watch Every Year

I found some of the best Christmas episodes so you didn't have to.

25 TV Show Holiday Episodes College Kids HAVE To Re-Watch Every Year

You watch the same old Christmas movies year after year, but what gets little attention is the yearly Christmas specials our favorite shows and sitcoms put out every year. In fact, arguably they are the ones that are the most well written and best of all time.

I went out and found all the best Christmas and Holiday themed episodes out there and where to find them so you didn't have to. If you're looking to get in the holiday spirit look no further!

1. Merry Christmas Drake & Josh

I have yet to find a '90s baby that dislikes this classic Nickelodeon live action show. With classic Drake & Josh comedy, appearances of iconic characters like Crazy Steve and Helen, and a heartwarming plot about foster kids make this episode a must-see for the holiday season.

(Nickelodeon, check dates and times)

2. Hey Arnold! "Arnold's Christmas" (season 1)

A lot of people remember 'Hey Arnold!' as one of those cartoons you watched after school in the background while you did your math homework, but it was actually a really well-written kid's show. One great example is the first season's Christmas episode where Arnold's boarding house neighbor Mr. Hyunh shares the fact that he gave up his daughter years ago because of WAR TENSIONS IN VIETNAM and has not seen her since. Watch this episode if you dare, it's a real tear-jerker.


3. Jane The Virgin "Chapter Thirty" (season 2)

Even if your not a viewer of the show, the series' handy narrator catches up everything that needs to be known at the beginning of the episode. Due to its format and genre, Jane the Virgin is the perfect environment to showcase a Christmas episode. Just try not to tear up at the closing scene when Alba gets her green card after all these years of being an illegal immigrant.


4. The Office "Christmas Party" (season 2)

The Office has had some pretty iconic Christmas episodes during its run, but literally nothing beats the heartwarming ending scene of Jim giving engaged Pam, to Roy at the time, his heartfelt personal teapot gift crammed with inside jokes. (And the crushing moment when he takes out the love letter he wrote her at the last minute)


5. The Office "Moroccan Christmas" (season 5)

This Christmas episode, the whole office decided to give Meredith an intervention because of her drinking habits. How it took them five seasons to do that I do not know but it is the show at its peak comedy.


6. The Office "Benihana Christmas" (season 3)

A controversial episode, but a classic none the less. You honestly can't help but be a little satisfied when Pam and Karen team up against Angela's controlling Christmas party.


7. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Not a television series but if you say you don't watch this TV special every year you're lying.

(FreeForm's "25 Days of Christmas," check dates and times)

8. Friends "The One With The Holiday Armadillo" (season 6)

A refreshing change of pace from the usual Christmas themed episodes, this one actually acknowledges Ross and Monica's Jewish heritage. Ross' desire to get his son Ben engaged in tradition and the hilarity that ensues when he tries to find a lovable mascot that could compete with Santa Claus puts anyone in the holiday spirit.


9. Friends "The One With The Routine" (season 7)

Technically a New Year's Eve episode, but winter themed at the least! With Ross and Monica's equal parts iconic and cringe-worthy dance routine, it hand to land somewhere on this list.


10. How I Met Your Mother "False Positive" season 6

The episode is full of the show's character's usual shenanigans, including a funny false positive pregnancy test subplot, but Ted's closing "reason you all suck" speech about the true meaning of Christmas makes it memorable.


11.How I Met Your Mother "The Limo" (season 1)

Another New Year's Eve episode, but not one to be overlooked. The gang is on the quest to find the best New Year's Eve party in Manhattan and hilarity ensues. Significant moments are Barney's 'Get Psyched' playlist, his foreign girlfriend randomly disappearing, and Ted and Robin's sweet New Year's kiss.


12. Family Guy "Road To The North Pole" (season 9)

Any episode that centers around Brian and Stewie on an adventure is hilarious, but this one takes the cake.


13. Family Guy "Jesus, Mary, Joesph" (season 11)

This episode's plot is Peter's interpretation of the birth of Jesus Christ, while that seems like reason enough to watch it, the cutaway jokes are some of the best the show has produced.


14. Spongebob Squarepants "Christmas Who?" (season 2)


Nickelodeon, check dates and times

15. Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake (2006)

You've probably heard this song once or twice because your boyfriend thought it was hilarious, but the music video is Christmas themed and even you have to admit it's pretty funny.


16. Fairy Odd Parents "Christmas Everyday"

Another classic Nick special that is sure to hit you right in the nostalgia when you re-watch it.

(Nickelodeon, check dates and times)

17. iCarly's "iChristmas" (season 2)

Another spin on the classic Christmas/Holiday trope, Carly wishes Spencer was normal and wakes up to him as a strict parental figure, only to realize she loves Spencer just the way he is. Corny, but it's from your childhood and still pretty funny.

(Nickelodeon, check dates and times)

19. Glee "An Extraordinary Merry Christmas" (season 3)

Glee and Christmas were practically a match made in heaven during its six season run. Sing along to classic Christmas songs and enjoy this season's retro 50's Christmas TV special theming.


20. Glee " A Very Glee Christmas" (season 2)

Only worth mentioning because of this scene right here.


21. Gilmore Girls "Forgiveness and Stuff" (season 1)

A Christmas episode list not complete without at least one Gilmore Girls episode, and since I'm not finished with it and this was the only one I saw it is here by default.


22. Grey's Anatomy "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" (season 2)

If the Christmassy vibe during all the Seattle Grace doesn't put you in a holiday mood, at least enjoy vintage Grey's where not all your favorite characters were dead or gone and pretend everything is ok. (And that McDreamy is alive and well)


23. Lizzie McGuire "Here Comes Aaron Carter" (season 1)



24. Bob's Burgers "Christmas in The Car" (season 4)

Come for the usual Bob's Burger's hilarity and stay for Linda confidently stating "You all came from my vagina" when Gene asks where babies come from.


25. A Charlie Brown's Christmas

A Classic

(FreeForm's "25 Days of Christmas," check dates and times)

Even if you have your own holiday favorite that's not on this list, give these a try! The more the merrier, and drop your suggestions in the comments to spread the holiday cheer.

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