Christmas, A Time Of Celebration And Reflection

Christmas, A Time Of Celebration And Reflection

Christmas is said to be one of the most joyful holidays all year, however this celebratory day can also remind people of better times during the past.


Christmas. A day that most people, young and old, look forward too.

Children wake up bright and early, practically ecstatic to rip all of the wrapping paper off their presents. Meanwhile, the older people, teenagers and adults alike, are more relaxed as they open their gifts and are most likely enjoying being around their loved ones more than opening gifts. It is not hard to see, but as one ages, their Christmas experience changes with them.

First and foremost, the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. That is the meaning that everyone, no matter their age, should be focusing on. While the true meaning of Christmas remains with someone their whole life, how they feel and their thoughts on Christmas Day become different as they age.

The first few sentences in this article serve as an example of this theory. Children are eager to run to their living rooms and see what Santa left them under their Christmas trees. Teenagers and adults know the truth about Santa, but still enjoy opening gifts and focusing on the togetherness of family and friends that Christmas Day brings.

Some people feel happy emotions because they are with their loved ones, while others might be thinking of Christmas's past when certain family members were still with them. This is something I see some of my family members do, including myself. To further explain, my mom has a lot of Christmas decorations and I mean A LOT. The term "a lot" is almost an understatement.

However, she didn't actually purchase the majority of the decorations she has. Most of them were given to her by family members. This means, when my mom decorates for Christmas, it's almost like going back in time. Seeing my great grandmother's angel on the tree, the small multicolor ornaments of my other great-grandparents and my still living, great grandmother's tall nutcrackers bring back memories of people from Christmas past. Every year as I look around my living room during December, I am reminded of these family members and my memories I had with them. Some family members mentioned I didn't even meet face to face, but I already feel a connection with them through the stories I've heard and by seeing their possessions in my house.

My mom often calls Christmas the best and the hardest time of the year. It serves as a day of many purposes. It brings people together, hopefully causes people to be more thankful for their friends and family, and is all around a joyous day. With that being said, it can also be a hard day.

Seeing your family all together reminds you of whose missing. Telling stories of Christmas past refreshes people's memory of someone that might not be here anymore. So sure, Christmas is a great holiday that I look forward to celebrating every year, but as I age, I've learned that how I celebrate it changed.

The importance of the material gifts I receive start to fade away and I find myself feeling overjoyed by being with my family and surrounded by people I love and those I know who love me. Sometimes though, as I look around my living room and see all my family member'ss passed down decorations, I start to think, what would Christmas be like if they were still here?

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The First Christmas Without Grandma

It's more than just "another" day without you.


Christmas time is meant to be a joyous time of the year, filled with love, and surrounded by family. I always looked forward to our Christmas Skype calls or phone calls. Growing up I could never make it to your house for Christmas time, and I was jealous of the family that could.

You loved Christmas. It was your favorite holiday. You would start preparing months before. I'll never forget when I got you a dancing snowman Christmas toy that sang "Low" by Flo Rida, every year the day after Thanksgiving you pulled him out from the closet and showed him off to everyone.

I can still hear you singing in my head. You were always humming or belting along to a Christmas song. When houses started decorating with lights, we would drive around for hours just admiring them.

I don't know what to expect this year. Your absence is noted on more than just on the day deemed "Christmas." Since December started I've been feeling empty without you. You're not in the kitchen making those dinky little Christmas cookies, or making me watch that "Charlie Brown Christmas" movie with you.

I know that the 25th of December is going to be difficult, I'm already dreading it. I wish I could call you up and wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish you were here every day, but especially at Christmas. I think it's because I'm so accustomed to having you here for it, I always waited to see your name pop up on my phone.

I want to pretend that everything's normal, that you're still here and that my phone's going to ring. That you're going to be able to spend Christmas with your family. But the reality breaks my heart. I know you'll be there in spirit, but it's not the same. I know you wouldn't want me to sulk, that you'd want me to enjoy my day and treasure every moment I have with the people in my life. It's going to be hard to get my mind off the fact that you're not down here celebrating with me, but I know you know, that I wish you were.

I love you, Merry Christmas, Grandma.

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10 Reasons Why Having A Boyfriend Is Especially Awesome Around The Holidays

No better time of the year than Winter break to make all the memories with your honey freezing in the weather or sweating by the fireplace.


A date for looking at Christmas lights is on the top of the list, for sure.

1. You have someone to do all of the activities with

He's like your built-in partner for everything. Wanna watch a movie? Take a nap? Need someone to help you clean your room? You've got your person.

2. You can steal his hoodies when its chilly outside

It doesn't even have to be cold for you to want to. Chances are its a size or two bigger than you need and his cologne is all over it.

3. Chances are he's more willing to drive in the snow than you are 

Guys typically have a little more of a heavy duty vehicle. If you've got a good man, he might even rescue you an hour away in a blizzard if you think you're tougher than the weather.

4. Christmas movie partner!!

Do I need to add more?

5. He can always keep you warm

Bear hugs. Cuddles. His trucks dual air 90 degree heat on your side. He'll find a way to keep you warm.

6. Your family holiday events partner

Multiple Thanksgivings and Christmas' are a breeze with your favorite person by your side. Plus, no one to ask you where your plus one is or why you're single.

7. Matching Christmas pajamas

I don't know about you, but my family has matching Christmas jammies every year. You can even get your favorite person in on them too for a cute insta picture.

8. Your errand running partner

He's your built-in Christmas shopping partner so you aren't bored standing in line forever or while you're still shopping and he can act as your place holder.

9. You aren't the only single one in your family on Christmas Eve anymore. 

It's awkward when all of your siblings are taking pictures with their others, but when you've found your person, you can do all the same things, including looking forward to your new year's kiss.

10. Making more memories

No better time of the year than Winter break to make all the memories with your honey freezing in the weather or sweating by the fireplace.

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