10 Childhood Shows That Deserve A Spinoff
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10 Childhood Shows That Deserve A Spinoff

Quality television deserves a second chance.

10 Childhood Shows That Deserve A Spinoff
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Last week, Raven-Symoné announced on "The View" that she was working with Disney to create a "That's So Raven" spinoff. The spinoff would star Raven as a divorced, single mother of two, one of whom has inherited the ability to see visions. Currently, the show is casting, and fans of the original show are super hype.

This isn't the first show to create a spinoff. "Rugrats" had a spinoff series in "All Grown Up." Recently, "Full House" created a Netflix original "Fuller House," and "Boy Meets World" created a Disney show "Girl Meets World." While all of these are shows that I loved in my childhood, we might as well keep the spinoff train rolling. Realistically, spinoffs aren't usually as hot as the original, however in a perfect world, these are shows that I would love to see a spinoff of.

1. "A Different World."

Truthfully, "A Different World" was on television before I was ever even thought of. However, thanks to re-runs and Netflix, I've been able to experience the gift that is "A Different World". How awesome would it be if Whitley and Dwayne's daughter started her Hillman journey, and we got to fall in love with the ficitional HBCU and its students all over again? All in favor, say eye!

2. "The Proud Family."

This was one of my favorite shows growing up. It was a diverse cartoon that was funny and relatable for people of all ages. There could be a possible BeeBee and CeeCee spinoff, or maybe life after Penny went to college. Either way, if there is a "Proud Family" spinoff, I will watch it.

3. "Kim Possible."

Another Disney classic. I'd love a spinoff about Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible's child, because come on, we know that they got married.

4. "Sister, Sister."

This is a classic. Honestly, I'm not sure which route the spinoff would take, but I guarantee I would watch it. Bring back "Go Home, Roger" lol.

5. "As Told By Ginger."

I loved this cartoon so much. I loved the fact that they actually changed clothes on a cartoon and it was so relatable to my pre-teen life. I'd love to see where these characters went next.

6. "All That."

Of course this wouldn't be a spinoff as much as it is a revival of the show. Often compared to a "Saturday Night Live" for Nickelodeon's viewers, I believe that the youth of today should experience this entertainment gold.

7. "Family Matters."

Steve Urkel is an American Treasure and he truly hijacked this show, lol. I'd like to see where his and Laura's relationship ended up.

8. "The Parkers."

Okay, look, I love this show and still watch it all these years later. I don't care what the spinoff route is, if Mo'Nique and Countess Vaughn are on it, it will be hilarious. (RIP Andell - Yvette Wilson).

9. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

I own every season of "The Fresh Prince," and truthfully, a spinoff is highly unlikely, but Will Smith has been putting his son Jayden on in the acting world. Y'all need to come up with a spinoff staring him, lol.

10. "Lizzie McGuire."

My girl Lizzie. I owned every Game Boy version of this game as well as any book, poster, or "Lizzie McGuire" merchandise. Now, in my 20's, best believe, I will faithfully tune in to a spinoff. I even have the "Lizzie McGuire" movie on VHS (that's how much of a dedicated fan I was). What happened with Lizzie and Gordo? The fans (me) need to know!

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