Growing Up Too Fast
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Growing Up Too Fast

Don't wish your time away.

Growing Up Too Fast
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As children, all we ever wanted was to grow up. We were told to enjoy the time we had because it goes by too fast. We did not believe them because we thought they did not remember what it is like to be so young. Being older means more freedom, getting our license, going to college and so much more. Now suddenly we are all grown up, and we wish we could go back.

When I started high school, I thought that it was what I had been waiting for all these years. I created this image in my mind of what being a teenager would be like based on what I had seen in movies and TV shows. I was ready for the next thing to happen whether it was a concert, movie, test, prom or even being a year older. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, I was a senior in high school and had to make decisions regarding my future. Now that I am a second semester freshman in college, all I want to do is go back to my childhood when life was much simpler.

When we are children, we imagine the journey of growing up and finding ourselves to be easy. The truth is that life is never easy. When we were young, we played imaginary games where we could be anyone we wanted and play with our toys and accessories like houses, clothes and cars that came with it.

After a while, these children's toys changed into us wanting to buy CD’s or Itunes gift cards so we could listen to the new music by our favorite artists. Soon that play makeup would turn into real makeup. The same thing would happen when we no longer wanted to play dress up clothes and instead wanted “grown up clothes” in order to appear older than we actually were. We no longer wanted to go see those kid's movies with our parents and instead wanted to go see PG-13 movies with our friends. We tried anything and everything to grow up faster, and then it finally happened.

Now we are all grownup and have to be completely accountable for everything in our lives. We have to pay bills on time, wake ourselves up on time for work or school, make sure there is enough food in the house, keep track of the money in our bank account. We realize that being an adult isn't easy, and all we want to do now is go back to our childhood.

If only we could turn back time to our childhood and relive that time. Remind our younger selves to appreciate what they have more and to stop trying to grow up so quickly. Sadly that is not possible, and each generation just grows up faster than the previous one.

All we can do with our lives is enjoy the moment and not wish for the next thing to come so soon. Make the most of every day, and appreciate the life we have been given. We all still have that little kid in us, and it is okay to let it out because being an adult all the time can be tiring.

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