Friends are important no matter what age you are. Friends add to your life. Friends stick by your side.

Childhood friends are forever. Childhood friends are the beginning. Childhood friends are who you are becoming. Childhood friends are a phone call away.

College friends are forever. College friends are new. College friends are who you are. College friends are a block away.

Childhood to college, beginning to end, new to old, there are so many things in between.

Whether you go away to school or you stay home and commute, you can definitely say there is a difference between college friends and childhood friends—both are so vital to your life in so many different ways.

Childhood friends are those friends your mom sent you on playdates with before you even started school. They are the friends you lived next door to when you were young. They are the friends you played rec sports with when you both sucked at them. They are the friends you rode bikes around the neighborhood with. They are the friends you can call and feel like you never left them. They are the friends you have forever.

College friends are those friends you make on your own. When you're miles away, they are the only people around. They are the friends you eat late night food with. They are the friends you share your childhood stories with. They are the friends you try new things with. They are the friends you tell about your day. They are the friends you have forever.

With both of these friendships, you feel differently. You feel comforted going home on breaks and seeing those people you have known since kindergarten. There's something about reminiscing about the playground days when you both would beat all the guys in the soccer games.

There is something about college though. Staying up late, sharing childhood stories, talking about home, and comforting one another miles away.

Friendships are important no matter who you are or where you are in the world. When I think of friendships, there are many thoughts that come to mind. Memories, plans, talking, crying, loving, trusting, and happiness. Friends are those people who can make your day. They can change your mood within seconds. And if they can't, then you may want to get new friends!

Either way, the experience of having childhood friends and college friends is a blessing. Both of these friendships impact my life immensely. When I was miles away in the middle of nowhere, I met some of the best people to help me through it. When I was painting a picture in art class in 4th grade, this girl told me it was beautiful, now she is rooting me on when I apply for jobs in NYC.

These are just a few examples of many. If you have the chance to make new friends during your college years, please do so. You are just adding a positive aspect to your life. Childhood and college friends are both forever. Despite their differences, they are both important.