Top 10 Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Squad

Top 10 Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Squad

These rom-coms will make you laugh out loud.

As a self-proclaimed lover of "chick flicks," let's all embrace our inner girl and enjoy some of the modern best.

1. The Other Woman.

This 2014 comedy stars Cameron Diaz as a successful lawyer in New York, who, when she pops in for a surprise visit at her boyfriend's house, is in for the surprise of her life: his wife. The bubbly, air-headed wife, played by Leslie Mann, decides to team up with "the other woman" for revenge on her cheating husband. When Kate Upton becomes his newest fling, the three women band together to take him down, with the help of Nicki Minaj- who, by the way, perhaps has the best quote of the movie: "Selfish people live longer... Just sayin'."

2. You Again.

This 2010 rom-com stars Kristen Bell, whose brother is about to marry the girl who made her high school experience hell. Her mother, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, assures her everything will be fine, and explained she had a similar mean girl who bullied her in high school... turns out, that's the new fiance's mother. The family, including Betty White as the grandmother, has a lot of old conflicts to try and patch up in time for the wedding.

3. The Switch.

This 2010 rom-com stars single Jennifer Aniston, who decides to have a baby on her own, via a sperm donor. When something goes wrong, however, her best friend, played by Jason Bateman, drunkenly decides to donate his own sperm to fix the mess he made- without telling her. The movie follows the birth and childhood of her son, who unmistakably is the son of her best friend. But will she, and her son, find out about the switch?

4. The Backup Plan.

This 2010 rom-com stars Jennifer Lopez, who is tired of waiting for Mr. Right to fall in love with, get married to, and have a baby with. So, she gets a sperm donor, and is impregnated via artificial insemination, but later that very same day, meets the man of her dreams.

5. Monster-in-Law.

Another J-Lo rom-com from the early 2000's stars out with her meeting Mr. Right, but she is faced with the ultimate challenge: his mother. Jane Fonda will stop at nothing to break up their engagement.

6. That Awkward Moment.

This super-funny 2014 rom-com stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, three best friends who make a pact to stay single together. But what happens when they start falling in love, and discovering what relationships actually entail?

7. Bad Moms.

This 2016 film stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn (who is the absolute star of this movie; she is a comedic genius)- all overworked and stressed out mothers whose children attend the same school. They unite together to take down the mean moms on the PTA, and to figure out how to mother their children and still have the time to take care of themselves.

8. Walk of Shame.

This 2014 comedy begins with news anchor played by Elizabeth Banks, who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, is dragged off her couch to the club by her girlfriends. She goes home with a guy, and by the next morning, loses her car, her phone, and her purse- and has to be ready for her newscast that same day. She ends up being mistaken for a prostitute, chased by the cops, steals a bike, and much more in an effort to get to the newsroom on time- or else it'll cost her her career.

9. Two Night Stand.

This 2014 rom-com starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton details what happens when a blizzard traps two strangers together the morning after a one night stand, forcing them to get to know each other, and maybe even fall in love- until she discovers something in his apartment that changes everything.

10. How Do You Know.

This 2010 romantic comedy stars Reese Witherspoon as a career softball player who was just cut from the team, and her fling with a professional baseball player, played by Owen Wilson. Where he falls in love, she does not, and she finds feelings in an unlikely friend, played by Paul Rudd- who is trying his best to keep his father, played by Jack Nicholson, out of jail. The movie title comes from a question Owen Wilson asks one of the baseball players on his team: "How do you know you're in love?" The movie explores just that.

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20 Disney Channel Original Movies That You HAD To See As Soon As It Came Out

You know you still have a soft spot for #11.

My friends and I were having a movie night and like many other movie nights before we couldn't decide on what we should watch. We scrolled through Netflix for what seemed like forever until I remembered that I had some Disney Channel Original Movies through an app my Dad set up. This opened up a whole new ball game because we all grew up watching these movies. I got to the app and started looking at all of them.

My friends and I were reminiscing about the movies we had seen when we were younger.

To people that may not know, a Disney Channel Original Movie (or DCOM for short), is a movie that was aired on Disney Channel and was not ever in a theater. Here is a list of the top DCOMs.

1. "Double Teamed" (2002)

Who doesn't love twin girl athletes originally wanting to do different things but both ending up playing basketball?

2. "Right On Track" (2003)

A sister movie where they are trying to be better than each other at racing. There's nothing wrong with some sibling competition is there?

3. "Quints" (2000)

After this movie, I was definitely glad I didn't have any younger siblings, especially not five.

4. "Cadet Kelly" (2002)

Cadet Kelly wanted me to join a military school; however, I know I definitely wouldn't have survived.

5. "Pixel Perfect" (2004)

Making a robot girl that is practically perfect? Yes, please! This movie also inspired me to want to learn how to do a one-handed cartwheel, which I did.

6. "The Cheetah Girls" (2003)

Every young girl and her friends would sing along to these songs and pretend to be them. And let's be real, the other two weren't as amazing as the first, especially after Raven, left.

7. "The Zenon Trilogy" (1999, 2001 & 2004)

Who didn't want to live in space after watching these movies?

8. "You Wish!" (2003)

I definitely know I wanted to wish on a lucky coin that I didn't have any siblings, but after this movie, I'm very glad I never did in case it actually came true.

9. "Starstruck" (2010)

It's every girl's dream to fall in love with a dreamy poster, and the song "Something About the Sunshine" is so catchy, and I have it on a Spotify playlist and have no regrets about jamming to it in the car.

10. "Twitches/Twitches Too" (2005 & 2007)

I definitely wanted a twin that was also a witch after watches these movies.

11. "High School Musical 1 and 2" (2006 & 2007)

These don't need explaining. If you haven't seen them or at least heard about them, then you probably live under a rock. I just wish high school was really like this. Also, "High School Musical 3" was also amazing but did not make the list because it was technically not a DCOM since it was released in theaters.

12. "Lemonade Mouth" (2011)

This one is pretty new, but it made me want to get detention to potentially meet my future bandmates even though I have no musical abilities.

13. "Gotta Kick It Up!" (2002)

If this movie didn't have you shouting "Si se Puede!" then you didn't appreciate it enough.

14. "Get A Clue" (2002)

This made me want to be a spy more than I already wanted to be one as a child. Solving crimes with your best friends sounded like a very great time.

15. "Smart House" (1999)

Winning a house that could talk to you and listen to what you told it? Seems like a dream come true, until the house gets a little too attached.

16. "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off" (2003)

Baseball or cooking? Waiting to see what Eddie chose was a nail-biter.

17. "Camp Rock 1 & 2" (2008 & 2010)

A movie with songs that made you get up and dance and want to go to summer camp.

18. "Descendants 1 & 2" (2015 & 2017)

These movies are really new so, not many people that are over the age of 10 have heard of them, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. They have really catchy songs even if they are pretty cheesy.

19. "Jump In!" (2007)

Who doesn't love Corbin Bleu jumping rope?

20. "Stuck In The Suburbs" (2004)

Another movie where a teenager gets befriends a dreamy pop star. Come on why couldn't that happen in real life? I'd totally be down to be best friends with Justin Bieber. DCOMs will always have a special place in my heart.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Poems On Odyssey: "Stages"

As life moves through its stages.


I see it now.

I see that there is a distinction,

A difference,

Between the present.

Between the future.

Between the past.

We roam through the present,

Making the most of each day,

Living life to the fullest of capacities.

We aspire and discourage.

We succeed and we fail.

We love.

We hate.

We dream of the future,

Hoping to achieve our goals,

To exceed the expectations and break the stereotypes.

We imagine and dread.

We wish and obsess.

We accept.

We fear.

Yet, we live in the past,

Reminiscing on the best of times,

Wishing that we could relive those moments.

We have no choice but to remember the worst of times,

As old memories are forced to the back of the brain,

Crammed inside of a dusty storage box,

Exactly where we hope they will remain,

Until we are ready to revisit them.

That is,

If we are ever ready to revisit them.

We pray to remember,

We pray to forget,

As life moves through its stages.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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