Chick Fil A is arguably the BEST fast food restaurant in the world. Don't @ me or argue with me on that. If you want to disagree with me, just read the reasons I provided.

1. The food

Their food is simply amazing. They have a wide variety of things. Not to mention, the chicken is always tender.

2. The employees

Chick Fil A's employees are always polite. I mean, who would want to go to a restaurant that has rude employees?

3. Chick-n-Minis

The king of breakfast foods.

4. Free food

Chick Fil A's app allows you to receive free food for ordering through the app. You can get a free sandwich or a host of other things. There are times where they will just give you things just because.

5. Drive thru

The drive thru can be wrapped around the building and out into the highway and you'd still have your food in 30 seconds. Take notes McDonald's.

6. Their values

Chick Fil A is very open about their values. They are closed on Sundays to allow employees to attend church. For someone like me, that's VERY important

7. Cow Appreciation Day

On Cow Appreciation Day, people dress up like cows and go to Chick Fil A to receive a free meal

8. Eat Mor Chikin

Chick Fil A is notorious for their hilarious commercials and billboards.

9. Milkshakes

Their milkshakes are so good that they bring everyone to the yard!

10. The ice

I realize that some stores may have different ice, but my store has the small cubes that are almost similar to Sonic's

11. They genuinely care about their customers

At my local Chick Fil A, there is a gentleman who walks around the lobby to check on customers. He asks if they need any refills or condiments. That is showing someone that you care about them. Recently, a lady had went into labor in a Chick Fil A parking lot. The store was already closed but they let the lady and her husband in and she gave birth in Chick Fil A. The employees made sure the mother and baby were safe and were lending the father towels to keep the baby warm.

12. My pleasure

It's 100% better than hearing "Yo welcome" "Mhmm" or nothing at all. Its more polite

13. The cleanliness of the store

Don't have to worry about the 10 second rule here

14. It is healthy

They genuinely care about your health. They have grilled nuggets and wraps that are delicious

15. Great customer service

No doubt, you'll always get great customer service.

Chick Fil A will always have my heart