You Know You're From Chelmsford When...

No other town can compare to Chelmsford, not even our infinite surrounding towns from Lowell to Carlisle and everywhere in between. There are so many things that make C-Town its own, and made growing up in this town special. I'm sure everyone can relate to these 10 things that make you know you're from here.

1. You've been in a Moe's vs Chipotle debate.

Chelmsfordians are all Mexican-food lovers, but where you get your fix is what's really important. Which do you prefer? Do you easily go to Moe's in drum hill? Or do you always travel up to Westford to get some 'Potle goodness? As for me, I try to stay neutral and get a little bit of both.

2. You update your "mystory" at least five times a day.

Whether you're in class at CHS, getting food at Panera, or blasting music in your car, you know you're gonna post it on snapchat for everyone to see. We're obsessed. (And don't let your college friends from out of town try to tell you it's called a "story." We all say "mystory." Deal with it.)

3. Tundra means more to you than being a type of biome.

The root of some of the best dances in history, "The Tundra" has become a classic name for the CHS fan section. They make every sports game that much better, and clearly shows how much we all can support one another.

4. Pep Rally was the best day of the school year.

Following the homecoming dance the night before, Pep Rally is an excuse for a half day to paint your face and scream as loud as you can. Teachers don't even try to teach because they know how hyped you are. Pep Rally is the one day we all come together and say, "Beat Billerica!"

5. You've hung out at McDonald's past midnight countless times.

Everyone's favorite late night spot may not always have ice cream, but the dollar menu is what keeps you going. And the saddest day ever was when they decided to close at 11, breaking everyone's hearts.

6. You're obsessed with coffee.

With over five Dunks', a Starbucks, Cumbies, and The Java Room, the coffee supply in Chelmsford is endless, making us all addicts by the time we reach high school.

7. You know at least one friend who works in ice cream.

Whether it's Sully's, Sullivan Farms, Kimballs Westford or Kimballs Carlisle, someone you know is an ice cream scooper. Yay for free ice cream!

8. Driving your friend home who lives on the other side of town is a struggle.

For a "small town" Chelmsford feels pretty huge sometimes. Your friends might as well live in the town they're next to.

9. You defend your elementary school to be the best till the day you graduate.

No matter how old you get, your days at one of the five elementary schools will always be in your heart. And we constantly try to outdo each other with our individual memories. (Shout out to all my Westlands homies. Gone but never forgotten.)

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