Weddings are supposed to be the day where you and your significant other are going all out on how in love you are with each other. I mean it's literally a celebration of you and your soon to be Mr or Mrs, so why is it that people get all worked up over how over the top and gushy wedding are? As a bride who is currently planning her wedding (with the help of my trusty fiance because yeah, I guess he has the right to his opinions on what happens that day too) and a person who is just a serious hopeless romantic when it comes to anything. I plan on being all up in my feelings and making sure that you all, (as in those select few who are invited) get a healthy dosage of cheesy love.

1. Writing and reciting our own vows.

Yes, you better believe that I will be writing my own vows and then after I walk down the aisle to stand next to the love of my life, I will be reciting them. Though I can't guarantee you I'll cry because I am not a cryer when it comes to expressing my emotions. I can guarantee you that my vows will be long, filled with my heartfelt emotions and will either make you shed a tear or totally vom. Tissues and barf bags will be provided.

2. Our love story on display.


If you couldn't already tell, ya girl is a fanatic for romance. So, as someone who loves love and is also in love, you better believe I am going to showcase it. You know that table that is normally loaded with pictures of the bride and groom? Take out the pictures and replace it with my very long and detailed summary of our love story. I promise not to make it into an entire novel but, you'll definitely need a least five minutes to read it.

3. Unity ceremony.


Right as we are exchanging our personal vows and saying our "I'Do's," we'll be having a unity ceremony. Though we haven't decided between a ring exchange, tying the knot or a beading ceramic, whichever one we choose will be lead with super cheesy words to represent the meaning behind our union.

4. Love letter exchange.

Lovers have been exchanging letters ever since man finally created the alphabet. So on my wedding day, of course, right before we both walk down the aisle we'll be writing and exchanging love letters. It's a romantic way to wish each other one last claim of personal love right before you have to showboat it to your guests. It's cheesy and cute and will probably make us run down the aisle, not walk.

5. First and last dance.


You know how couples normally have one song and one dance that is all to themselves? Well, I'm having two. The very first dance of the night, we'll be swaying to the most romantic song ever to be created by man. Then towards the end of the night, we'll be closing things with a final dance to the second most romantic song known to man.

Regardless of what anyone has to say about how cliché or cheesy certain wedding rituals are, remember that the day is about you and your future Mr. or Mrs. Bask in all things you and them, be with each other and show the world that your love is everlasting.