24 Cheap Fall Date Ideas

24 Cheap Fall Date Ideas

Come on bae, we're going pumpkin picking.

What do you do when you want to drag bae on those cute fall excursions you're seeing all over insta, but you also have barely been working lately, so you're money situation is looking a little scarce? Try these 24 cheap ideas to avoid letting your bank account turn you into a 24/7 Netflix and chill couple.

1. Apple/Pumpkin Picking

Check Groupon for super cheap deals in your area. Even just driving to these beautiful country areas is totally free and is a big part of the beauty of this date.

2. Hiking

Pack a lunch, and some waters, and you're ready to go! Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors before it gets too cold and you're really stuck inside with no choice but to Netflix and chill.

3. Carve/Decorate Pumpkins

You can get a pumpkin for a couple bucks from your local grocery store. Make an entire night out of this childhood throwback activity, and see who can make the scarier looking pumpkin.

4. Make Caramel Apples, Pumpkin Pie, etc.

This is cheaper than buying these products already made, AND more fun, because you get to attempt to make these delicious fall treats together. And you get to eat them.

5. Corn Maze

This is a cheap date that will most likely take you a long time to do as a couple if you can't agree on which way to go. You'll absolutely get the most bang for your buck in terms of a lengthy and adventurous date.

6. Rake Leaves

Help out the rents, and have a cute date all at once. Helping each other do something good for someone else will bring you closer together. Just make sure to clean the leaves back up if you decide to jump in the pile (which we both know you will).

7. Picnic

Use whatever food you have in your house, (or maybe the pie you made in number four?) make a simple lunch and head off to a spot in the park under your favorite tree. This is another great way to enjoy the outdoors, some good food and each other.

8. Bonfire/S'mores

Fire, chocolate, cuddling to keep warm? Perfect date night, and again did I mention cheap?

9. Football Game/Tailgate

Local towns often have championship games that draw a big tailgating crowd. Aim to find some of these games to go to as compared to a professional game where you'll be dropping down the big bucks to go see.

10. Go to a Festival

There are a ton of fall harvest and beer festivals. Search your area to try to find the ones that don't charge an entrance fee.

11. Fort/Movie

"Hocus Pocus" marathon? In a blanket fort? Come on.

12. Camping

Borrow a tent from a friend, pack some warm clothes and food and you've got yourself an inexpensive overnight getaway.

13. Go Costume Shopping/Make One

Be creative as a couple and try to come up with the funniest couples costume. If you want to go for an even cheaper idea, try to make costumes yourself and see how creative you can get.

14. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

The fall is a wonderful time to remember what we are thankful for and give back to the community. It's wonderful to help others, and to do that with the people we love.

15. Haunted House

Again, this is a date where you'll want to search for a Groupon, or perhaps nights where they may offer a special deal.

16. Ride Bikes

There are many areas that you can rent a bike for a couple bucks for the day, or even ask around and see if any friends have one you can borrow. Getting exercise as a couple and trying an activity that you haven't done since you were a kid will bring you closer together.

17. Explore a New City

Pick somewhere neither of you have ever been to and just go and check it out. Exploring someplace new can totally be cheap because you don't necessarily have to go do things there to have fun, since just going to the area is something new for you both.

18. Hold a Garage Sale

The date that gives back money to you! Working together to de-clutter your belongings and make some extra cash is the perfect way to afford your next date night.

19. Have an at-Home Craft Beer Night

Instead of going to one of those expensive wine or beer tastings, set one up for yourselves at home. Stop by the liquor store and pick up various fall beers. Take out the nice glasses, sit, and go through each beer discussing which ones you like and don't.

20. Go to a Farmers Market

This is a great place to walk around and perhaps pick up some fresh and cheap produce that you can use to cook your own dinner.

21. Hand Out Halloween Candy

Interacting with ecstatic kids on Halloween is a fun activity to do together. You can get some cheap candy at the dollar store.

22. Decorate Your House Together

It's something you have to do, so why not do it together and make a date out of it? Helping each other get a task done is fulfilling. Do this before you try your beer from number 19 and you'll appreciate it even more.

23. Spend a Sunday Morning Reading in Bed, With the Windows Open, Eating Pumpkin Pancakes

Everyone needs a day off. Some of the best dates are the simple ones where we can just relax and appreciate each others company.

24. Train For a 5k "Turkey Trot" Together

Thanksgiving is often known for "Turkey Trot" races that take place early in the morning before the feasting begin. Search in your local area fora race to sign up for. While there is typically a registration fee, you aren't just paying to do the race together, you're putting in the investment of training together and working towards a common goal. Running a couple times a week together will make you both feel good while you're accomplishing something new.

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An Open Letter To Every Athlete On Their Senior Night

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

Dear Seniors,

For many of you, today was a day that you had always wished would come sooner, only to find that when the day arrived wishing for it to come was the last thing you truly ever wanted.

When stepping out onto the court or field or rink for the very last time today, take a moment to stand quietly and look out into the crowd, look to your teammates, to your coaches, and to your fellow seniors, and remember the way this made you feel, as this is a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life.

Today and every day moving forward will be filled with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Today is a day bound to be filled with endless amounts of tears, both happy and sad, so let it be. Let these feelings consume you, and serve as a reminder that no matter where you may go in life from this very moment, that you have made a family of your own. That you have changed the lives of others by just simply being in theirs.

That all the little things were really the big things, like the nicknames you had for your teammates, or your favorite song to sing in the locker room before a game. These things that never seemed to mean anything at the time are all the things that you will carry with you when you leave this place you call your home away from home.

On this day, years from now you will not remember the wins and losses of each season, but the people that took this journey with you and never let you look back.

The teammates that picked you up and carried you through the good and the bad of each day. The ones that taught you to see the good in all things. The ones who never let you live down the stupid things you did, mainly because they did them with you. And even the ones that you couldn't stand 99.9% percent of the time.

You will remember the coaches that pushed you and never let you give up.

You will remember all the times they yelled and made you run until you couldn't walk. The times that they depended on you to be the leaders we all knew you could be. But more than any of that, you will remember the opportunity they gave you to play the game you learned to love, the game that changed your life, the game that taught you more lessons about life, love and dedication than anything ever could.

On this day I ask you to remember a few things. I ask that you remember that the impact you have had on your teammates' lives is unmeasurable, never doubt that. The time you have spent dedicated to this sport that you love was never, EVER a waste of your time, because you are a better person because of it.

I ask you to remember that although the sadness you may hold in your heart overwhelms you, that you have found a part of you along this journey that will help you follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Play your heart out today, and leave knowing you've given it all you've got just one last time. Leave knowing that you are one of the lucky ones. Remember the love, remember the defeat, remember the laughs and the tears, remember the battle wounds. Remember this feeling, always and forever.

Best of Luck,

Your Biggest Fan

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You Should Challenge Yourself Every Single Day And Reflect On It

Never shy away from doing or conquering something bigger than your comfort zone.


Yikes, senior year is killing me. Multiple assignments are due at the same time, and I have no idea how I'm going to get it all done. I also have a late-night job one to three nights a week, so some of my nights are occupied by having fun and making money to balance my bank account. To add to that, I have student teaching, PLUS volunteering on a weekly basis.

I do a lot and I don't know how I'm surviving.

To be honest, some of this doesn't happen by chance. Of course, I have to go to class and work, but I don't have to volunteer. I don't have to dedicate my time to all of these extracurriculars, but I do. I don't have to fill every day with something to do, but there is a reason for everything.

Amid all this mess, I am challenging myself, and you should, too.

At least I am not bored every day, sitting in my room, surrounding myself with just classwork. When I was a freshman, I legit *lived* in my room, only leaving for class and meals. That's it. I didn't want to volunteer or get my face known because I was too afraid of drowning.

I was terrified of losing myself. I was scared of not having enough time. I was horrified of meeting new people, honestly.

I give props to my boyfriend, for getting me out there and for the motivation for this article. I joined extracurriculars when I was a sophomore when my boyfriend brought me to a movie night event, and I haven't been the same since. Reclusing was dangerous and I challenged myself to get out there and make a new family within the Student Center.

I owe it all to my boyfriend, and he already knows this.

Yes, right now, I may be sinking and trying to organize my thoughts. I'm trying my best not to forget everything this week, but that is also a challenge in itself. I honestly want my time occupied.

This is why you should do this, too. Get into the habit of setting goals and challenging yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone, and never shy away from conquering something bigger.

Challenging yourself can increase your self-worth. It'll start a chain reaction. Once you start, you won't stop. It may seem scary at first, believe me, but it only betters you in the end.

After busting out of your comfort zone and showing people who you really are, reflect on it. My boyfriend got me into this habit of reflecting on my week every Sunday. Reflecting on your challenges and triumphs can make a better you, and it makes you want to do it all over again.

Tell it to yourself. Stand in the mirror and tell your reflection what you learned and how you challenged yourself for the week. Help yourself out; you'll do you a favor.

Reflection is a good technique because you can go over what went right and what went wrong. You can find out what you need to do better, how to manage your time better, how to make something better. If you're daring, go from reflecting every week to reflecting every day.

It feels good to feel better. Try it.

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