We're all a bit weird in our own ways–that's just common knowledge. I think that Charlie Kelly from the ever-so-hysterical show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" perfectly captures and personifies the weirdness that lurks within us all. Below is a list of ways that Charlie has been more relatable than any character on any show. Is that a good thing? Probably not.

1. When he ate a trash Hot Pocket

Sometimes, you just have to dig a Hot Pocket out of the trash and take a bite. I mean, that's college, right? As college students, we're sometimes in the position where we just need to metaphorically "dig through a trash can for food," desperately in search of something to give our lives value and meaning. Sometimes, however, it's not metaphorical.

2. When he was open about being damaged

Everyone's had a little trauma! Charlie Kelly embraces his psychological damage, and he's perfectly happy in doing so. Embrace your own damage, and love yourself for every single problem you may have, even when it seems harder than anything. We are all damaged. So, so damaged. So very damaged. Oh, God. You're not alone.

3. When he acknowledged how odd he is

We're all weird! Maybe not to the point of bashing rats and drinking paint, but we all have little quirks here and there. Accept your odd personality traits, because you can't change who you are. I mean, you can, but who has the time to try? Finals week is coming. I'll fix my personality when that's over. Until then, let's all continue eating the same baked potato soup every day, alone because no one understands your personality. Especially not your parents.

4. His ruthless and rage-fueled honesty

Sometimes you can't simply sugarcoat things. If your friend is being an idiot, smack them into tiny little pieces! If Skeevy Stevie is being inappropriate at work, smack him into tiny little pieces! People tend to respect honesty, even if it's fueled by the rage-fire that is always aflame within the deepest depths of your soul.

5. His avid love for cheese

Most people just love cheese, and so does Charlie! Sometimes you just have to eat so much cheese that you get sweaty, just like Charlie! Who cares if you love cheese so much that it makes up most of your diet? There is no shame in your actions anymore! The universe doesn't care about you! Your impulsive actions have no real consequences!

6. His incredible and nonsensical innovation

I mean, who hasn't used a stupid life hack? Charlie Kelly finds the most ridiculously stupid ways to easier perform simple tasks. Making things even the smallest bit easier for yourself is a great thing to do for yourself, so don't be afraid look up some life hacks and use that empty water bottle that's been in your bed for the past week as a trash can for gum wrappers and used tissues!

7. His love for carbs

Who hasn't taken bags of spaghetti into public places? I know I have! It's simply human nature to love carbs, so embrace your inner Charlie and carry a bag of your favorite carb wherever you go. Bring a plastic bag to a dining hall and fill it with enough pasta to fill the void within your soul! This is a good idea.

8. When he was alone in the dark

Have you ever sat alone in your room in complete and utter darkness? Well, count yourself lucky, because so has Charlie Kelly! We've all had those days, the ones where you keep the curtains drawn and the lights off, binge-watching the same episodes of the same show that you've watched six times through, eating the stale Takis that you don't even want anymore. Depression is a bitch. Charlie gets it.

9. His confidence in his abilities

Even though Charlie's not the most accomplished person out there, he still has confidence in himself and what he does know. Everyone's unique and has something different to offer the world, and what you take interest in may be of great use someday! It also may not! We're all going to die anyway, so who cares?

10. When he stress eats

Charlie fully indulges in his stress-eating without any shame, and if this doesn't make you feel better about the fact that you spent all of last night nervously eating two family-size bags of Doritos while crying about your failed relationships, then I don't know what will.

11. His self-image

If Charlie Kelly can think he's all that and a bag of chips, then so can you! Even if you think that you're not that great, someone out there is going to think you're the bee's knees. Someone out there will be the Frank to your Charlie, so accept and embrace the fact that you're awesome. Self-love for the win! The more you think this, the more real it feels!