Change. It is something we all either adore or fear, there really isn’t an in-between emotion when it comes to it. When people say “oh, you’ve changed” I never know how to take it. Isn’t change good? Why would it be bad? You see, some people make change sound like a crime when it is exactly the opposite.

Change is great, in fact, none of us would be here if it weren’t for change. Look back into a year ago, two years ago, maybe even five years ago, and tell me that things are the exact same. You can’t tell me that they are, can you? Things change every single day, it’s just the fact that none of us realize it until we look back into things that once were. The world is constantly changing. So why do people fear change so much? Why do they say “you’ve changed” like it should be a complete insult? I personally adore change. I love the fact that I will look back five years from now and my life will be something completely different from what it is now. It is true art to have something so beautiful happen in our lives. We should not fear change, we should embrace it. Let’s say you broke up with your significant other and were completely heartbroken, would you feel that pain for forever? Or would you let go and move on with your life sooner or later?

Focusing on the past is something that seems to be very popular among us these days because many of us fear the idea of change. So you didn’t get the job you applied for, you lost the person you believed was the one, or you didn’t pass that class, but let’s be realistic: you will get through it, it is not the end of the world. Honestly, you will most likely look back a year from now and wonder what the heck you were even upset about in the first place. I guess what I am trying to get out is stop worrying about everything you are stressing about right now because you will look back (if you haven’t already) and realize that the stress, the tears, and the other whirlwind of emotions you are experiencing aren’t worth it. Life changes, people change, situations change.

Sometimes changes are what we need and we are too caught up to see that. Sometimes life gives us that push that we weren’t able to give ourselves. So honestly, is change that horrible? Open your mind to the possibility that everything will be okay and in return it might surprise you. Change is a gift that keeps on giving, and in the end, it is what keeps life interesting. So the next time someone utters the words “you’ve changed” smile because that is the beauty of living and you, my friend, are doing it right.